Motorizing a women's cruiser bike (in frame)


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Feb 11, 2008
Hello.I've been having some troubles motorizing mine (separate thread) and especially my wife's cruiser bike. (I'm "starting over" on both.).

Does anyone have any examples of where they have put the HT motor in/on a women's cruiser bike? It seems like where the frame dips really far down that one could mount the motor on top of the top tube and against the lower seat tube.We really need help on this one and don't want my wife left behind (she's really small and in this case really can't handle any men's frames.)
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If she needs the hop-down-ness (?) of a lowbar ladies bike, having the motor in there is going to interfer anyway. How about looking for a 24" kids bike and using a smaller rear sprocket so she can keep up with you.
Dude. Check out 20 inch low rider bikes with bannana seat.
She's gonna look so fly.
Have her boom "Jungle Boogie" by Kool and the Gang off some handlebar speakers as she roars by.
She's goona be so popular!
Last I saw,60 bucks at Wal Mart.
Hey Calcoaster, I hate to see all that work go out the window. Years ago my father had this stuff that was about an inch thick and it could be cut and shaped much the same as that glue and sawdust wood we see today.If it was shaped as a wedge along with wedge shaped washers, to help "seat" the nuts, I think it would work. This "thing" I speak of may have been used to stop the heat from heating the carb up but I'm not sure. I seem to remember this spacer being use on our old 1967 snowjet snowmoble.The way I see it, if you can just tilt the carb a little, it may work.I've tried to include a drawing but it did not work,sorry.
Thanks for your thoughts, Cool. I had it back off today and no matter which way I tilted, I came up short of space. Yep, its new frame time, but I appreciate everyone's help nonetheless. This is a fantastic place--I appreciate the opportunity to learn from everybody's work (and setbacks like mine). More to come...