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    Was debating between a scooter & a motored bike. I've had plenty of bikes throughout my life, I like them & from what I've thus far read here, a motored bike seems to be the way to go. I presently own a Fuji 21-speed hybrid which is my commuter, but am thinking about getting a Bare-Naked Flying Pigeon from & coupling it up with the Golden Eagle 35cc Robin/Subaru. I'm 54 years young & the hills get me !! Will keep you guys informed

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    Welcome aboard.

    You'll have fun.
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    bare naked pigeon

    THe Idea of a flying pigeon is a thought, but I like to has some gears to fall back on, just in chase. Just yesterday I dropped a drive chain and had to peddle three miles home.

    I use a converted mountain bike that only has eight gears left and yet it seems to work for me. My low gear is almost one to one and my high gear is a 34-11 or eighty three gear inches. Last time I looked at a Pigeon it was geared pretty high. Also I think the brakes on a Pigeon are not up to the power your little motor can generate (1.2 vs. .3)

    I think your best bet is to find a used mountain bike and strip it down to the essentials.

    Just a thought.

    Mike Frye the bike guy.
  4. Welcome.

    My first MB is a Schwinn Jaguar/Robin/Staton friction drive. It is a recreational bike with rim brakes and seven speed gears. If you put a GEBE-Robin 35 on it the only change you will need to make is a heavier duty rear wheel, available from GEBE. It is a solid, well made but inexpensive bike that I have been using motorized for 5 years with no problems. The seven speed rear gear cassette will allow you to assist the engine on hills and starting. My latest bike is a 21 speed mountain bike with a GEBE/Robin drive. The 21 speeds are overkill on a MB, IMO.
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    Thank you for the info motorbikemike45. Definite stuff to give thought to & follow
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    The flying pigeon is offered with gears & comes with updated brakes through the place I'm looking at. I'll give thought to the mountain bike. Thank you Mike
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    If you e-mail me, I'll give you the lowdown on those pictures you asked about from my album.
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