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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Motovelo Reviews:

    Other Names: Motovelo
    Products: Motorized bicycle engine kits, Custom high performance motorbikes

  2. DJ Raizer

    DJ Raizer New Member

    I bought a 67cc HT kit from this vendor over a year ago. Was very excited to get into motorized bicycling and this vendor was local, the price was right, and I got plenty of support from him prior to purchasing. When I started to assemble my bike I noticed many quality issues that are common on these kits, but a few issues I felt were unacceptable. The worst being this; Big issue on first bike! I tried multiple times to bring this issue to Motovelo's attention and NEVER heard anything back. I have since overcome the various issues and I am now very pleased with the finished product... but I feel this 100% lack of customer service from a vendor deserves an F. The only reason I didn't give a 'Poor' rating is because at the time, (no longer) this was one of the best prices I found on an HT kit.

    Also this vendors website and numerous craigslist ads state that these bikes are, "California street legal! No license or registration required!" which is an outright lie. His website also makes ridiculous claims about quality, speed, and power.
  3. Cali-Rider

    Cali-Rider Member

    Worst transaction I have ever had. I met with him in person to get a discounted "no shipping" price. I was in a major hurry so I didn't closely examine the parts until I got home. I ordered a "black" motor which had just been spray painted black I'm guessing moments before I picked it up. When I took it out of the box it the black paint peeled off and was stuck to the box. Not only that but he had no care for where he painted. The drive gears, and the inside of the ports had been painted, and parts of the actual outside had been skipped. A truly sloppy job.

    It was near IMPOSSIBLE to get him to exchange it. His reasoning was, "I had a whole truck of kits right there? Why didn't you say something at first?"

    I asked if I could return the black motor so he would send me a silver one instead. (I paid for shipping both ways) He asked that I package the motor with at least two inches of packing material, which I did. When I got my silver motor in the mail there was absolutely NO packaging material in the box. The mounting bolts were bent, and the clutch cover was SHATTERED. There were holes in the box from where the motor had been tossed around.

    I tried to contact motovelo in numerous ways, and finally got him to reply when I threatened this review. Then I got him to agree to send me a new clutch cover and mounting bolts. When I got the package, there was only a clutch cover in the envelope, no bolts. I just gave up at that point since I had already purchased higher grade bolts.

    Later I opened up the motor to clean it out, I find a HUGE GOUGE down the cylinder wall. My motor didn't last more than 90 miles before it gave out on me.


    I have pictures of most of the damage I was speaking of if anyone is interested please feel free to message me.
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