mount for briggs and stratton?

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    For my next project would like to use a small briggs and stratton motor. Does anyone know where you can buy just the mount/plate for it. I found a couple of sites that sell them with 4stroke motors but can't find just the mount for sale by itself. I apologize if this is in the wrong spot wasn't sure where to put it. Thanks

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    I don't know of anyone who makes a mount for a Briggs motor? But if you arasking about the mounting plates for the Honda/HS motors so you can adapt them to fit a Briggs The Briggs motors are quite a bit larger than the Honda/HS motors and the few bikes I've seen with Briggs motors have all had custom owner made mounts. Also most of the Briggs powered bikes I've seen the owners/builders have had to tilt the motors forward to get them to fit and then fabricate custom intake and exhaust systems as well.


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    By saying briggs & stratton, I am assuming you mean a horizontal shaft engine???

    If so, they all have the same mounting bolt pattern, any go kart site sells them for ~$10 or so, also Northern Tools sells the mounting plate as well!

    A link to a mounting plate...