Mountain Bike with Harbor Freight and Q-matic

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    So I came across a bike, on craigslist, that looked almost to good to be true. It was a triangle frame mountain bike. Looked to be in good condition, and the guy was only asking 40 bucks. Well, I have been looking for a good bike to put my HF 79cc Predator engine onto, and it wasn't too expensive. So I sent the guy an email, offering $20 thinking he would for sure come back with $35 and I could end up getting it for about $30 after some negotiating. To my surprise he accepted the $20 and we arranged a day to meet up.

    I kept thinking, "Man, the wheels are worth $20 bucks, I bet the bikes beat to heck." But the bike was SPOTLESS. Just a small tear in the seat. The bike itself is steel, but made with Very small tubing. You can almost pick it up with one finger, it weighs NOTHING. I got my bike for $20 and the motor for $100, so I'm only $120 into my bike so far. Looks like I can get it all together for less than $500. Need to get some thorn proof tubes, lights, replace the handle bars and seat, as well as buy myself a Q-matic.

    I think I will try the Q-matic for a while, then switch to the New Pace Setter drive we are manufacturing now, to see what kind of speed/power I can get. I'm also playing with the idea of going to a belt drive. I want this bike to be all about ONE thing, SPEED. So I'll be playing with it a lot until I'm tuned in right. Kinda funny, I never thought I would put a motor on a mountain bike. I've always been a fan of the "cruiser" look, but I'm really excited about this one. I'm going to say 45mph no problem, and I'm going to hope for 55mph + haha.

    Let me Know what you guys think! FYI, the breather on that Harbor Freight..... a Tuna can haha!

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    Watch your components on the bike, Roadmasters are cheap in that area.How much does that 79cc weigh?
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    If it was me I go with Kevlar tires , I got a set and what a difference they make haven't had a flat scene.
    When you do change the tires check the rim tape road master rim tape is not the best. If it was me I would replace the rim tape even if it looks fine.
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    Im not sure the exact weight, but heavier than my HuaShang motor. The HuaShang is about 10lbs. Should I weld some supports in the frame?
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    I definitely plan on changing the tubes and the tires. I even thought about using 12 gauge spokes. I will change the rim tape as well, thanks for the advice!
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    Good catch on a nice bike.