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    Been riding in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.
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    Nice scenery Jerry. How do you like your peddle axle shift system Jerry? I'm trying to coordinate with David to go pick one up from him and rack mount a Honda GXH50 on my Specialized Rockhopper 29er. If he gives me the green light I'll head over to his shop this weekend. He's about 4.5 hrs drive from me as I'm 25 miles north of Little Rock, AR. Getting anxious to get it up and running. Still need to collect a few more accessories for it. Planning on using it as a drop vehicle for hiking, canoeing, hanggliding and adventuring...... And an around the town toy. Let me know any tricks you've learned that I can avoid learning the hardway.

    We may have to meet up and do a ride together. Been thinking about doing the Natchez Trace from north to south and this spring would be a good time to do it.

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    I use double Trails White industries freewheels in my shiftkit. It works really great. As for chainrings only use steel ones. For what you're wanting use the 18.75 gearbox. Here is what I recommend as a shifting setup. Gearbox-shiftkit 15-44. Chain rings 28,36,44. Freewheel or cassette. 8 speed 34-11(34,28,24,21,18,15,13,11).

    Put a twist shifter for the rear and a thumb shifter for the front on the left handle bar. Never use both shifters at the same time. I use a color system also paint on the shifters red, yellow, green. On the front shifter put a red spot by 1, a yellow spot by 2 and a green spot by 3. On the rear shifter paint a red line from 1-3, a yellow line from 3-6 and a green line from 6-8. Red gears 1(1-3), yellow gears 2(3-6), green gears 3(6-8). The color system will make it easier to know what gear you're in. Use a twist throttle on the right handle bar.

    Shift pattern:
    Climbing towing red gears1(1-3) 3 gears.

    Level ground yellow gears 2(3-6); direct drive green gear 3(6) 5 gears.

    Downhill overdrive green gears 3(7,8) 2 gears.

    The shift points for the front chainrings is when you're in (3) or (6) in the rear. This style of shifting gives you 10 ratios it eliminates redundancy and cross chaining. You'll be able to do level ground speeds of 30+ mph and down hill speeds of 45+ mph.

    Get a tachometer and be in a gear where it hovers around 7000 rpm's at max throttle. That's where your max HP is. The hour counter will help you keep up with oil changes and air filter cleanings.

    On stops going up a steep hill be in 1(1) red gear before stopping then use that as a starting gear. All other stops be in 2(3) yellow gear before stopping then use that as a starting gear.

    As for my bike it shifts 7 gears automatically. However I've set this the system I've explained to you up on other people's bikes. Hope you enjoy your ride as much as I have mine.
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    Thanks Jerry. Can't wait to get mine put together. Seems like David has been very busy. Maybe next week.
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    You can show the tread to David when you go to see him. That way he'll know more what you're wanting if you go with what I recommend.
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    Smokey Mountains view from my friend Natalie's deck.
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    The watchtower.
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    I've been hangliding at Lookout Mountain off and on since 1975. I've been able to run the whole ridge over to the point at Chattanooga and back to the launch and have flown and competed at Sequatchie Valley too. Beautiful country and a part of my heritage including a lot of the Appalations as my family line merged with the Cherokees as they came through on the Trail of Tears. In fact my home is walking distance from the trail. My paternal grandmother was half indian. Might explain my love of the forest wilderness and outdoor adventure sports which I have done my best to pass on to my two Eagle Scout sons, one which did Half Dome in October and Danali the summer before when I was up there for 3 months.
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    I'm sure I'd love the flying around part on hang gliding. Its the landing part that would have me worried. Lol. Will be heading back to Oak Ridge this Friday.