Mountainbike + Pocketbike = Super Lite Motorcycle?

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  1. mpauza

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    Hi all,

    I'm thinking a peppy super lite "motorcycle" would be a blast to ride...

    I'm a motorcycle guy (2HP Honda Ruckus, 100HP Honda F4i) who stumbled on a little company named sherco ( that is making motorcycles (up to 400ccs at an incredibly light 160lbs) on what looks to me like heavy duty mountain bike frames.

    They cost 7K+, so I'm wondering what you all think about me putting a cheap little pocketbike ( engine on my mountain bike ( Do you guys think that 5hp engine would wad my bike up into a little ball? If so, are there any reasonable priced bikes heavy duty enough to accept a 5hp (or stronger) engine? Also, are pocketbikes garbage?

    Comments are most welcome. -Mike

  2. GearNut

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    A small bike of which you speak of is all ready made.
    Most pocket bike engines are not garbage.
    5 hp may not agree with the frame you showed.
    I am not an expert on high powered bicycle frames though.
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  3. mpauza

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    Pretty awesome vid!
    Looks like they turn pretty darn quick if a little top heavy (from the high center of gravity). Looks like they might actually be selling these, but $1900+ is maybe a bit steep until they work out the kinks:

    I'll keep an eye on these. Thanks GearNut! -Mike
  4. srgannon

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    I posted my version in photos. If geared right it works great.

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  5. Dave C

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    That bike here would get you pulled over by a cop and handed a stack of tickets. no pedals=motorcycle.
  6. srgannon

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    Ky Laws

    I realize that my bike isn't legal in most states. However, I'm well within the law in Lexington, Ky. Pedals could be placed on the outfit as it is to assist. It just isn't necessary here. As long as my top speed remains under 35, and I have a head light and tail light after dark I remain legal. I don't intend to peeve the purists. I'm just showing my motored bike.
  7. my two cents: Im using the daves motors 45.7cc GP460. stock it pulls a reported 4.2hp. Ive upgraded the intake with a velocity stack, lowered the cylinder head with a copper gasket for higher compression, and im getting a tuned pipes flange cut and turned to accomodate my bike and all of that should put me easily over 5hp. as it stands, ive put over 1000 miles on it and nothing has been tourqed or twisted. i actually have a dual engine staton gear box that at some point i plan on putting dual 460's on another frame... should be fun!!!

    as for purists, as long as it pedals, its motorized, and you built it, i dont think there's much else anyone can complain about...
  8. lowracer

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    I know this thread is old but, I just finished a Pocket Bike MTB titled 'Pocket Bike Engine Project' in the 2 stroke forum....Runs out strong too!