Mounting 4 stroke on GTA2 Skyhawk frame?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Hello Moto!, Jul 10, 2016.

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    I had this posted in another area but wasn't gettin any input. I was just wondering if anybody knows if the 4 stroke engine mounting plate that comes with the huasheng engine will clear the 2 stroke pedestal mount that is on the GTA2 frame? Does it extend long enough to mount above the pedestal?

    Also doe's anyone know if the 53cc has 53cc printed anywhere on the motor?

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    Thanks bakaneko. I'm aware of the other version of the frame. I already own the GTA2 which is why I'm asking. I don't really want to buy another frame. I have a skyhawk 2 stroke on it now but I'd like to try a 4 stroke.

    I saw a picture of one of KC's bikes that had a 4 stroke on this frame but it had a fabricated and welded motor mount on it. I'm just not sure if the included motor mount that comes with the HS motors will extend long enough to sit above the pedestal mount and I don't have a way of fabricating a custom mount.
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    Somebody has got to know how wide a common 4 stroke engine mounting plate will extend. look, I will even tempt an answer by playing this wonderful song. :p

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    hey thanks man! You'd be really surprised how hard that simple bit of information is to find. It's almost ridiculous. I emailed three vendors and none could tell me how long they extend lol.

    I plan on getting my engine from this vendor

    They were the only ones who said they would actually measure it and get back with me. Still haven't heard anything though lol.

    So thanks for takin the time to measure that for me man. It's appreciated!
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    np, that is the measurements for the top of the mount; the mount slopes down a little to account for the front tube slant so i'd say its 1 inch less at the bottom.