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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Hybridbiker, May 20, 2008.

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    Has anyone seen one of these bikes with a dax or similar engine?,the bike is a felt red baron, the frame design is similar to some of the spooky tooth cycles, except i think the coaster brake arm may have clearance issues with the rear sprocket, so im thinking of adding a front brake,and rear v brakes to replace the coaster brake all together just wondering if it will work?

    Thanks guys


  2. Looks like an effortless install actually. Nice bike! The tank may pose a challenge for that frame is so nice. You can mount it. I guess maybe you'll need longer threads. Or mount it in the back. Or get a smaller tank to mount behind the seat.
    The coaster sprocket install is doable but takes some ingenuity.
    Going freewheel is definitely the less painful way to go.
    Front mount may pose a slight problem. That front tube may JUST be a bit too wide. But it's definitely less painful than other builds.
    Man. What a pretty bike. Felt bikes just rule.
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    Make sure you put on front brakes - you'll need them!
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    Thanks man, that was the main issues ive thought of too, i agree about felt, really nice products for sure.
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    I test fit a v brake setup i had laying around today,and it fit very well, and i found some pictures of the a modified coaster brake arm install.
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    You can probably drill and tap that top rail and turn it into a primary or reserve gas tank.
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    I actually thought of that, but i didnt think the top tube was sealed,ill have to look into that some more.
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    Yea it looks like it passes the seat post without sealing... but that picture is hard to tell