Mounting motor to older Schwinn?


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May 17, 2010
done nicely. the metal shop helps :)

use a stubby plug, like a cj8 or similar. i always had arcing issues to the frame. mine was tighter. a 20" frame :) especially when wet. plug caps an issue.

its an idea, seeing as you have the man with the skills available...make a head steady bracket. locate on two handy studs and clamp to those twin tubes.

these engines arent terribly smooth running in the first place. being mounted in only two places, they buzz around a lot even when clamped close to the tubes. sticking it up on 5-6 inch long arms is going to make it shake rattle and roll. just a thought. it obviously is riding, so you can tell me to shove it if necessary :) just i reckon it will lock it in there solidly and minimises any chances of a clamp loosening up (20mile from home with no spanner...)

and and and....

the only thing i could think off before seeing the final pics, regards the engine being so high... other than the vibration, that is... the top of the chain can interfere with the seat stay on some frames and if it does... they develop holes really quickly!

once again, it went together, nothings been said. ill shutup :)

make a real exhaust!


thats the only pic i have now! :'( always back up important photos!

anyways. it tucked in and wrapped around pretty neat. could always put it back together and take a new pic...


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Jul 25, 2013
heres my old schwinn my buddy and I built..... using extra parts that came in the kit and some long studs is how we attached the front mount james bike 2.jpgjames bike.jpg
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