Mounting pin falls out of throttle, now what?


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Jul 12, 2022
Thought I'd make this post and if it doesn't belong here, sorry.

I wanted to make this post in case anyone runs into this problem and what can be done to fix it.

I had two different kits with both pins that broke off.

Throttle #1 : The first pin had a 5mm head but was 2mm in diameter. You make a hole to fit the head of the pin but because the pin is smaller than the head it will wiggle. Eventually the pin fell out of the throttle and is in my handlebars, now what?

Throttle #2 : Pin was the same size throughout all of it. Eventually the pin fell out.

I took a nail and made sure it fit the hole in the handlebars. You're going to then screw the nail into the hole where the pin for the throttle is. I used just a screwdriver and it carved into the plastic with no problem. I then unscrewed it back out and cut the head of the nail off and then took pliers and screwed it back in manually.

One tip I will give is make sure you're screwing it in completely straight. When you initially screw it and after you cut the head and screw it again. You could also screw it in and while still in the throttle you can cut the head.

For an extra measure I then wrapped the handle bar with only one layer of electrical tape and then used synthetic grease. I did two layers of tape at first and it was too much. The throttle had a hard time moving.

My throttle is better now than it ever was before. The tape makes it so the throttle doesn't move as freely. I would go over bumps and when coming back down my hand would move the throttle. It keeps it more stationary based on where you're holding it.

The throttle body doesn't move around at all now. I wish I would of done this when I first got the kit. I had two different kits and I had a different style pin in each.


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When my throttle screws are loose the body will move slightly as the pin moves a hair in the hole.

When I tighten my screws down, the body will be snug and not move at all... regardless of if the pin is there or not.