Sprockets Mounting rear sprocket on disk hub

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  1. I can drive my bike 300 miles and not have a single problem, but when i let someone else borrow it and they drive it a mile down the road they have to trash the entire front wheel.

    I've got a mongoose paver with a 700c wheelset that needs replacing. I plan on buying a 29er wheelset that has disc hubs and also are v brake compatible.

    I'm using the rubber sandwich sprocket mounts now. Will the sprocket and chain line up if i bolt it on the disc brake hub? My boygofast 36t has 6 holes in it for the disc brake, but im unsure if the sprocket it going to be a little left or right compared the the way it is with the sandwich mounts.


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    the stock sprocket will not fit the 6 hole diskbrake mount, i've tried as i have that setup on one of my bikes.
    but there are people that make sprockets for a living, so you can have a sprocket made to fit. i have made up a few, ranging from 38 tooth to 48 tooth. it ain't to expensive and having the sprocket mounted to the diskbrake hub is way better then having it mounted with those rubber mounts that came with the kit. no worries of braking spokes :)

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    a nice way to mount

    sure is a nice mounting spot -- to where the disk brake was
    worst thing about it
    we loose that fine strong brake -- disk mounting location
    theres some adapter made so as to keep or have both

    I looked into this method of mounting sproket a while back
    I am betting my money that MotorBikeMike right here on site can help you

    I (((never never lend my MB))) or bicycle to anyone
    if the wheel (((gets bent))) -- I only wish to be (((mad at myself)))

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  4. Thanks for the info, but my sprocket does have the 6 holes and does bolt onto a disk hub. I'm just wondering if the chain lines up. I could unbolt the sprocket and mount it on another wheelset i have and then check it. I just wanted to know if it lines up with the engine sprocket and chain.
  5. Mountainman

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    it would seem that most will not line up perfect

    slight grinding maybe ?? washers added ?? moving front sproket a little ??

    doing our best to get that MB thing in line
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    on my bike i bought a spacer in aluminum(is available for most diskbrake setups) as i needed to get the sprocket further out from the mountpoint.
    if you need to adjust the alignment of the sprocket out from the mountpoint on the hub, check your local bicycle dealer for a spacer or make on out of a scrap piece of aluminum or brass(easy to work with) steel can also be used of course but harder to work with.

    oh forgot, make sure you use loctite AND selflocking nuts on those bolts if you use a diskbrake mount as they tend to come lose much easier then the rubber mount. or use loctite and bolts/nuts with lefthand threads(makes the nuts/bolts self tighten when they spin around)
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