Mounting studs for 80cc 2 stroke

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by eleseur96020, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. eleseur96020

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    I am looking for some High-quality mounting studs for my powerking 80cc. Tried the local hardware stores and small engine shops and they didn't have anything. So, is there anyplace online i can get them or does anyone have some for sale?

  2. hot70cc

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    just keep looking i'm sure you will find a long threaded rod at a hardware store that you can cut into 4 sections. If not get yourself a metal dowl from a steel shop and thread your own studs. Hope this helps
  3. eleseur96020

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    there is NO place in my town that sells threaded rod, studs, or anything that i could use. Please limit responses to either places where i could buy studs/threaded rods online or if you have studs to sell. Thanks
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    you don't have to get snotty with me, i was trying to help you, but if your going to act like that you can help yourself.
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  5. MotorMac

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    threaded rod

    Looks like you will need to order online, these guys have fast shipping so you should get it in a couple days, and type in metric threaded rod, I think you need 6mm for PowerKing mounting bolts,correct me if Im wrong anyone??
  6. eleseur96020

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    wasn't trying to get "snotty" dude, just want some relevant info and not people telling me to try things that i have already stated i tried.