Movin motor to my BMX

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  1. Heya everyone. It's been awhile since I've posted.
    I have been trying to find a BMX for awhile,
    as I have always liked riding them more than mountain bikes.
    I prefer smaller wheels, like the 10inch wheels from my Goped addiction.
    I used to jump bmx when I was a kid, and the only reason I stopped riding them
    (besides my GF getting hit by a truck while riding my 1970's Mongoose and it getting "lost" in the accident)
    was because here in SF, the hills are BRUTAL.
    So I decided to take the rack mount motor off the Mtn bike,
    and move it over to the BMX.
    I just got the BMX for $25, it's a Haro Fusion, Dave Mirra version.

    I like it a lot more. It looks like it fits the bike better, and the
    whole ride feels a lot "tighter".
    The best thing is that if I feel like going to a skate park and doing some riding,
    the motor takes just a minute to take off.

    Pictures tomorrow, as it's put away for the night.

  2. You know,I kinda have the BMX bug too. I mean thats what we rolled on back in the day.
    And yes,they feel much sturdier.
    I dunno about putting an engine in one though.
    My son may in fact steal it from me.
  3. I was thinking that my GF (not the one who crashed)
    could ride it, as the MTN bike was much too big.
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    Ah BMX, how I love thee. Spent 2 hours at the skatepark last Thursday. I do so love catching air.

    Do you know they make BMX style MTBs now? Compact frames, single speeds, built for jumping. The frame in my signature is an Azonic Steelhead with a KHS Rigid One fork. Fits my 6'2" frame quite well for riding skateparks and my 5'2" daughter has no problems riding it.
  5. Now THAT's a bike!
  6. darwin

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    Yea its ok if your under 40 I guess, suicide isnt fun to me nomo.
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    You're only as old as you let yourself be. I'm 33 and can out ride most of the kids at the local skateparks. Kinda fun hearing them say that they wish their dad was as cool as me. I also ride with several guys well over 40 that are still into jumping and stuff, they all have suspension though.
  8. My BMX just has 20 inch wheels, I really wanted to get one on the cheap.
    I will use this for awhile anyways.
    I'm only 5'10, so this seems to fit me ok.
    I do need to get taller bars or raise mine, but with the gyro on it,
    I don't know if I can raise the bars at all.
    I forgot to take a picture on my ride today. ****. Maybe later tonight.
  9. Here's a shot of it.
    I do need to raise the seat and bars a bit, then it will be set,
    I'm also going to get a smaller scrubber.
    I'd rather go around 1 inch,
    as I'm at 1.25 and it's a little slow to get going.
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    You're not going to raise that stem up much. It's the new/stronger clamp on style and they don't provide for much adjustment if any at all. And to make matters even more fun, in order to raise the stem you have to install spacers under it, which means you have to redo the front brake. Your bike looks slightly smaller than my BMX (Standard 250 S), I'd leave the seat and bars alone.
  11. Gosh, today I had so many positive responses from folks
    when I was out and about.
    One guy driving on 22inch rims pulled next to me and told me he was going to make one just like it.
    A group of kids took a picture and were so excited about it.
    The BMX wins in approval ratings.

    I've never gotten so many positive responses when it was on the MTN bike,
    or when I ride my motorized scooter.
    I think it's because the BMX is small, and can fit most adults as well as kids.
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    So how does the friction setup handle on the BMX bike? I don't have any kind of motorized bicycle yet, but have been thinking of buying a BMX just for the fun of it. I may be too big at 6'2 for it, but my girlfriend can ride it as well (that's how I'll justify it to her and to myself anyway) :)
    Any kind of speeds figured out on your BMX setup?
  13. It does fine. With a 1.25 roller, I get up to about 35.

    Chain would be better, but I don't have a good mount for a sprocket on the rear wheel.
    6'2 might be a bit big for a BMX....
    I'm barely 5'10, and it's a tight fit.
    I would get a bigger frame if I were you,
    and your GF would probably still fit. Talk to "ihatemybike" in this thread.
    He's your same height, and he rides BMX.
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    The BMX that I ride is a Standard Bykes 250 S with a 21" top tube length (measured center to center) and is only available as a frame that you add parts too. $395 frame only.

    To buy a complete long enough for you, you'll have to buy an upper end quality bike such as Haro, GT, etc. $450-600 complete. I'd watch CraigsList and Ebay for a good deal.