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  1. leiblichkeit

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    I am planning a cross-country trip with Spooky Tooth's 4-stroke Nomad cycle. I'm looking for information on other's experiences riding a motorized bicycle in extreme temperatures and for long distances. Looking forward to reading your posts.

  2. PatrickW

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    Welcome to MBc. It would help to know where you plan to 'leave from' and 'go to'...also, what time of year would you attempt this?
  3. leiblichkeit

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    Additional info

    Sorry about that. We are going from Nashville, tn to Eugene, or and hope to leave in early march 2011. Thanks for the welcome!
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    Cross Country Ride...

    And I guess you chose "leiblichkeit" because there is a special someone who finds you 'delightful' or 'sweetness?' the 'Princess'?

    I'm working on route plans, but my personal opinion would be to put off starting til May, if possible. The winds across the Great Plains are Cold, Cutting, and Cruel during is a rough ride, then. As for the Rocky and Cascade mountains, you should be fine (I know about them and have done them many, many times. Still working on crossed country routes...there are others here who can better keep you advised about them, then. Please, keep in touch, Leiblichkeit. And say hello to your son. Sounds like a sturdy and good companion.
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    The word Leiblichkeit, as it is being used here, is a term derived from the writings of the German phenomenologist and mathematician, Edmund Husserl. The word is meant to describe "The Living Body," or "The Body in Motion."

    Thank you for the notes. I'm not certain that May will be a possibility, not to mention March. Right now I'm searching for alternative routes, which will allow me to head into the southwest without straddling the border too closely.

    Thanks again for the info. And what do you mean my son? Is that a reference to the bike? New to the lingo.
  6. bmc_az

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    I have done some long rides and would suggest the Adventure cycling Maps.
    my last long ride my body gave out before the bike did. Its still going strong.

  7. leiblichkeit

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    thanks bmc_az,
    we are looking for a more southern route. adventure cycling has a southern route but i havent heard much about it. we were considering southern tier to pacific coast.