Moving to AZ with no license...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Zeppelin, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Zeppelin

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    Are they Gonna let me truely ride an MB on the streets of a town such as Kingman AZ where I'm about to move to?

  2. Frankenstein

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    Well I don't know jack about Arizona laws, and it never crossed my mind to look them up. Many states will accept a different state's license as a valid driver's license. Do you have one from where you are? According to the state laws, not municipal, you don't need a license, now that could be different depending where you are, check local laws too, they sometimes place restrictions.

    Here's the kicker, if you operate it faster than 20mph,then you need to have it registered licensed insured and ect as a moped, now that would very much be dependent on being caught driving more than 20mph,if you are it looks like they would impound the bike, and fine you.

    So look at driving under 20mph untill you've become familiar with how the law is applied and handled by the police. Talk to other people with motorized bikes when you arrive, ask them how the cops are about motorized bicycles around there, and even better, follow up with the local pd, ask them how they feel about the subject, look for a sergeant to talk to, if they generally have the 'it doesn't bother me at all but I have to say you can't drive faster than 20mph but if you do I wouldn't feel as if I had to pull you over' kind of attitude then you should be fine as long as you keep the speed limit for normal traffic and don't interfere or heed normal traffic flow.

    Research, I know a lot of members here are from Arizona, see if you an get the opinion of a person who live near where you are planning on moving.

    Good luck, have fun, wear a damn helmet.
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  3. Randall

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    To Zeppelin and Frankenstein: Please look up and go through his website. Cops need at least 1 of the 3 elements to a valid cause of action to file against you. (Injured Party/Property Damage; Violation of a Legal Right; Complaint has to be redressable by the court) Speed, helmet wearing (although I would recommend it), size of engine has no bearing on your right of use. Marc's students get tickets kicked out all the time. Marc is in Arizona by the way.
  4. Frankenstein

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    Thank you for this I'll keep these in mind
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  5. Frankenstein

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    On second thought nevermind the thank you I think, I can't find any information about vehicles on that website, it's a disaster of linkage
  6. Randall

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    Why are you looking for vehicles on the site? He doesn't do vehicles, only tickets.
  7. Frankenstein

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    I'm not about tickets, tickets implied you did something wrong and got the ticket. I'm about avoiding the entire situation that brings the possibility of getting a ticket. And if brought to the point where you get pulled over, probably by a rookie looking for his big break, then to stay firm that you have done nothing in the first place that was wrong, and that the bike is legal, and that you are being as cooperative as possible to show that you are not a problem to worry about, unlike the people the police are supposed to be after.
  8. Randall

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    Okay, well there are many variables to any situation. So I guess try to stay under the radar (???) See if there are any others with motored bikes in AZ. Connect with them.
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  9. bakaneko

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    I mean KCVale lives in Arizona so he would probably be one of the best people for reference on it.
  10. Frankenstein

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    I also would note that he has a success story menu, but what about the people who failed after following his advice, I'd like to see a percentage of good vs bad outcomes, he honestly seems like a waste of a human life. I do promote the idea that you should have and defend your rights under all aspects of the law and morality, but people like him give honest people a bad name.

    He wants to give people a hard time and promotes people to get out of traffic tickets for the sake of doing so, even if they did break a rule and are deserving of the punishment, he says take the loophole out and get away with murder (not litteraly but I wouldn't put it past him)

    He's the exact kind of person who forces law makers to tighten the ropes on everyone by changing or adding so many damned new parts to the law that it's become a law of "nothings aloud except" instead of the "everything's aloud except" which is what is ruining it for everyone and turning the country into exactly what those people are complaining about the country becoming, a communist nation.

    That's why we can't have nice things, like motorized bicycles, in certain places, without needing a stack of papers saying we can. Because people like him break too many rules and use loopholes to get out of it, forcing the state to make it even harder to be legal by forcing you to get something to be legal, so they can take it away when you break the rules.

    Why do you think prison exists, you are a free man till you commit a crime, then you are no longer free, because you did something worthy of punishment, and letting you go free to do it more simply isn't a moral thing to do. Public drunkenness earns you one or 2 days in a cell, murder earns you tens of years...

    Its simple really. You break a rule, you man up and accept the punishment.
  11. KCvale

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    I don't know about Kingman, but here in the Phoenix Metro area we don't get screwed with unless you are riding like a dick.

    48cc 19MPH is the law.

    Most every cop I have seen don't care about your engine size or even your speed so long as you are 'not a danger to yourself or others'.

    Stay off the sidewalks, ride in the right direction of traffic on the right of the road if possible (otherwise take the whole lane, that's legal), and though not required, wear a helmet and eye protection.

    AZ is the kind of state that let's you carry a concealed pistol with a Silencer without a permit, they have better things to do than dink with MB rules so long as you don't stand out with stupid riding, and actually quite friendly to us.

    I guess it was ~5 years ago and I was going 35MPH on a 40MPH road on the right and cop car with two cops pulled beside me.
    I smiled and nodded to them and both smiled back and moved on past.

    I don't know what your bike is, but it never hurts to put a 48cc engine sticker on it.
    As far as my stickers go, everything is 48cc ;-}

    I have been trying for a few years to get those rules relaxed, I have a petition on my web site for that...

    But I can't even get 1 of my State district reps to even reply to my e-mails about this.
    From what I read and know, you can't sh*t done without a bribe.

    Hope that helps, and welcome to AZ, you will become an official Zonie once you have spent a year here ;-}
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  12. Frankenstein

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    100% my point till the end of time, you don't be a dick, and neither will the cops. I think in fact that most cops, who are regular real life people, would think it's probably impressive you can build a bike from the ground up, and get it hauling ass at 35mph on a flat, and not have it blow up 10 inches from your crotch.

    Funny how I notice that states with lax gun laws are also pretty darn relaxed about motorized bicycles... PA is one of the easiest states to go about owning a gin in, in fact open carry is legal no permits needed, and we have no issues with bikes apparently.

    We are pretty lax about getting potholes fixed too, it's only a problem if it swallows small children, even then if they can get out with adult help it's usually left until next year. Blame it on all the sinkholes, we are apparently conditioned to holes big enough to consume buildings, so the small ones aren't a bother.

    Could be that motorized bikes are so environmentally friendly, I mean I don't think even a prius gets the milage I do to a gallon.

    Go Pennsylvania! Guns! Motorized bicycles! Sinkholes, and state owned liquor stores! Wtf! Yay!
  13. Ahmad Darwish

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    The laws in Arizona are from strict, but in Phoenix they have very strict smog laws, so you might get pulled over for riding a 2 stroke in Phoenix, but no where else