ms460/phantom 85 crank balancing


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12:11 AM
Sep 4, 2022
New Jersey
Was looking into actually "finishing" my ms460 build by finally balancing the crank. I built my ms460 not too long ago and it ran great honestly up until I noticed the front engine bolts decided to eject themselves. But basically I'm asking this: I've never balanced a crank before on something like this and I've been looking around on the web trying to see what would be a good fit for drilling holes out, but I want to get feedback from you. I saw a video from smolik saying the drilling a 1/2 in hole at 15mm deep is good for all runnable builds and I also saw a video of a guy doing this to his phantom 85 crank. Considering the share the same piston I though this would be good. BUT I saw another video from BBF where he drilled out WAY more on his crank for a 75% balance factor. So I wanted to let you guys decide what would be best because I don't want to ruin my crank by drilling too much out. Any tips. Again thanks.