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does anyone know of a canadian distributor of msr fuel containers,or someone who has them.thanx:D
Check the Golden eagle bike engines website, they have a link there. I bought 2 22oz fuel bottles. They arrived within 3 days.
I bought one of these, quite some time ago. October 2006 is the first mention of it on the web pages I put up. I stored it in an outdoor shed, so it got 32F temperatures in winter, and 120F+ in summer. I also left some fuel sitting in it, not thinking that would hurt anything.

I noticed late-Oct 2007 (the next time I went to use the MSR bottle) that the cap is now very difficult to screw into the bottle threads. It still works and seals, and in that regard I guess a plastic cap that swells a bit is much better than one that shrinks and won't hold onto the bottleneck threads anymore. But just to warn you.

I have been looking for smaller fuel tanks and bottles online, and haven't found anything similar to the MSR's. The largest MSR isn't really as big as I'd like, and I don't want to have to carry more than one. Right now I'm considering fire extinguisher tanks, unless I happen to find something else really nifty.
I don't know about Canada but I just went to a local hiking and outdoor store. Any good hiking store should have them in stock.

thanx everyone but i need a supplier in canada,they wont ship fuel containers from usa to canada.UPDATE... i just found some at mountain equipment co-op,optima fuel containers,3 sizes prices from 12 bucks to 15 will be better than the glass jar im using!!thanx kerf.:)


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