Mtorized bike muffler

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    I have a M Bike and it has a problem with the muffler the bolts that hold the muffler came off and i cant put them back in,i kept using jb weld but not strong enough to survive the heat,can anyone help on what material to use to put the bolts back on the engine?

  2. LR Jerry

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    Is the holes striped out? Can you go to a slightly larger bolt and tap the holes for those bolts?
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    What do you mean by that wont the bolts be to big to fit in the two tiny holes?How will that work?
  4. LR Jerry

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    You get a bolt the next size larger. A tap will make the hole larger and cut new treads.
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    Ok i will try that should i use locktite so it can be secure?
  6. LR Jerry

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    Sure LocTite should help.
  7. crassius

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    these problems are usually caused by not having a proper muffler hanger attached to hold up the weight of the exhaust - a larger bolt may work, but I like to heli-coil them
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    Hi i tried the lager bolt and it did not work,evrery time i screw the nut the bolt starts to loosen up.Can anyone else help on what material i should use?
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    lager wont work, its a type of beer!

    theres been three terms here mentioned that you are previously unfamiliar with.

    a quick google on said terms would explain everything.

    LARGER BOLT (than the standard M6)


    helicoils the best for the job, as you keep the M6 studs. going to a larger size causes issues with the nuts interfering with the exhaust pipe itself...