Exhaust Muffler Baffle Howto Fix "temporarily"


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Jan 20, 2008
Sydney, Australia

I have an experience to post here about noise reduction.

I once lost the baffle that fits into the muffler.
The bike is three to five times louder riding without it.

I even had someone at work say they could here me on the Bus when I was
in a park 50 metres away.

So I was determined to make good of loosing the baffle.

My flat-mate said you could use a tin can and steel wool,
to make a baffle for the motor.

So, I used the end off a can of Red-Bull, as the right size.
I worked out by using my finger as a measure on the muffler,
that was the size of the can I needed, when I was at the store.

(It Would look so uncool with a tape measure at the store.)

I bought three bags of steel wool, giving me 9 balls of coarse
steel wool.
After filling a glass with the Red-Bull, which I could sip
then-on in.

Click here to see finished "product"

I took the muffler off the engine next.
Wearing gardening gloves (safety first, or second after comfort for me)

Using a Stanley Knife (are they called that in the US),
I then cut the can about two inches long and shaped
the thing over the end with hammer.

Cut a hole in the can where the screws go into the baffle
usually, for wire to go through the holes.

Filled the muffler with three balls of steel wool.
You're supposed to seperate the steel wool a bit first,
so it will be loose in the muffler.

You could probably use more steel wool, if its packed tight
I reckon the bike would still run.

Put the can on, then wire the whole thing up,
however best works for you.
Nip off loose or dangerous looking bits.

There is a neat hole for the gases to escape,
as its a drinking can and not a foods-stuff can.

I used this for about a week and it did deaden
the noise.

Was about 60% down on the noise level between no muffler
and proper muffler.

I bought a new muffler and replaced it after a week,
for $35. The option of new baffle was not given.

The baffle repair was a neat $3.50.


Will Start.
interesting story will. Did you notice an improvement in performance with the home-made baffle over the stock unit?


Wow, we used that method back in 1967 on an old english ford just to keep the neighbors off our arsses. Budweiser can though. It did work ok for the intended problem solver.
Hey, JacksonCognac, I think there was a samll performance increase,
like it would accelerate better.

But, I think my motor is a bit sluggish compared to normal,
so it would probably be more noticeable on a well tuned bike.

I'm going to try installing some steel wool in the standard
muffler, once my bike actually runs.
To see if it works.

Dock, match size of can to size of muffler...

Thats called fine tuning in the hillbilly dictionary Fetor. One hole at a time. We just used a nail.
Very nice mod,WS. I would use a hose clamp instead of wiring. Maybe a couple of sheet metal screws thru the hose clamp to secure it in place. Good to know when you lose your baffle.
hey large,

I was told when I was having bike troubles to clean the baffle,
worst advice ever. As I ended up loosing the baffle on the road,
and having to replace it with this dodgy setup.
This time, I've not gone the baffle and its still running,
when there's not another issue.

The real fault was a dead mag !! :censored:

But yes, I'd be back here if I lost my baffle. I'd use a heap more steal wool tho,
that stuff really deadens sound, so much I'm thinking of using it in the
normal muffler.
I just had a thought. You know how Hot Rodders in their Model T's and such has that exhaust switch to go from open headers to muffled?
MMMMMmmmmm....... :D

Yea Will,I cleaned my baffle out and almost lost it if not for the sudden roar of the engine. Then I lost the bolt entirely and tapped it on there enough so it stayed till I got home.
Then I replaced the bolt with #6 bolt ,washer and lock washer.
Yesterday I was working on my bike had it upside down and lo and behold the bolt is gone.
The gunk seems to keep that baffle on,though.
I tried loc tight with another bolt. Let's see how that one holds up.

I'm also a bit on the loud side on the bike trails. I like that steel wool idea cause the muffler is still open not restricting by that small tube that I removed thank you DAX so power in theory shouldn't diminish that much. Am I correct for saying that?
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