Muffler Blow Deflection Ideas?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bonefish, Jun 30, 2010.

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    My muffler output port blows hot air/oil/fume mix back and it hits me in the arch of my ankle/foot on the way I have my engine mounted on my bike. I have seen others put/have a plastic elbow on their muffler that deflects/quiets their exhaust on a R/S eh035 with a GEBE, but i do not know how it is mounted. I would think that a plastic piece would melt if I put/attached it to the metal output port on the muffler. How is this mounted? Does it work? and not melt?

    Any Ideas?


  2. Bonefish

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    So you have an idea of what I'm talking about, I uploaded a pict. Check attachements.

    When I ride, the wind blows the hot exhaust back on the arch of my ankle, and it becomes bothersome.

    Any Ideas?

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    If I was you I would just get the exhaust off and weld a 90 degres bend 20mm steel pipe, dont know how much run you have but if it dosent work you can just block the existing hole(weld it) and make another one right next to it more to the back side so its facing back then a small pipe just to make sure:idea:
    Good luck and hope you dont burn your leg to much:grin5:
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    Ahhh i see your problem - you need to get a Chinese 2-stroke engine with the down draught exhaust included in the kit.
    * Your problem will be solved *

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    For comfort and safety the positioning of my feet is how I have to ride. My right foot is positioned straight down, that way if the motor drive chain falls off the chain ring, it catches the crank arm and not my leg. I also can not move my left foot too far forward without having to bend it outward to clear the recoil starter. So my feet are positioned where they need to be.

    If anyone knows how or what people used on the GEBE R/S eh035 to quiet the muffler down I would appreciate it. It looks like a 90 degree elbow of some sort. But not sure what material it is made of. I would think if it was rubber or plastic it would melt.

    I found a way I can avoid some of the blow, if i bend my foot inward and duck it behind the engine, the engine blocks the blow. But is not very comfortable for riding long distances this way.

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    Have you considered wearing sturdy shoes, or maybe boots? :whistling:

    Road surfaces can be mighty unfriendly to toes, ankles, etc.

    On another note.... have you posted pics of your drivetrain? Is it like thescooterguys set-up?
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    We are not in Kansas any more. No you may not have a pair of ruby red slippers.
  8. if thats a 2 stroke you can just spin the cylinder head 180 degrees and put it back on. i did it on mine cuz my exhaust was hittin me right in the a$$!

    that or, like previously suggested, get a downward facing exhaust.