Exhaust Muffler End Cap Repair Solution "No Welding Required"


Aug 30, 2013
So if your like me you don't go out and buy a new part unless you have to.

A long time ago back when I got my first kit a few months down the road the mufflers end cap came off due to a bad welding job on the screw holding it together.

With no way to put it back on I thought of possible solutions and going through them all until I got one that kind of worked.

friction fitting something into the gap in the cap and using long thin nails from a nail gun then using a mallet on the cap to fit everything together.

It worked but unfortunately it was louder then I'd like so this made me think about something I could use that would stand up to high heat like metal but sealed it properly and that was JB weld high heat epoxy putty.

Since I do not have a welder this was the best solution that was cheap and effective.

This worked so well that the muffler didn't end up coming off until years later due to oil and high pressure and I've also done many carbon cleanings with a propane torch in it's lifetime which I am sure helped along the way.

I've just recently redone my muffler which reminded me about this very good fix so I'd thought I'd share it.

Before you start take the muffler off the bike and clean it up a bit on the inside and outside of the muffler and the cap itself, you don't want oil everywhere or it won't stick and seal right.

Make two quarter sized peaces of putty and knead one for a minute or more.

Now you need to plug the hole where the screw used to go so push some though the hole and then flatten in out on both sides to make sure it stays put.

Then take you second peace and knead it well, you want to make a long roll of putty to cover the whole indented lip of the end cap and flatten it a bit and slide it into the top end of the muffler slowly, then you should have a lip of putty sticking out from sliding it into place.

Flatten this down evenly all around the sides of the muffler, this helps keep everything in place and adds more strength. Everything should set in 60 minutes and harden after 8 hours.

After you're done everything is good to go and you now have a working muffler.

This should last for many years if you do it right, Enjoy!
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