Muffler Fell Apart!

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    I was just cruising down the road in a higher traffic area when my bike suddenly got a lot louder and seemed to start going faster. I couldn't stop for fear of getting run over so I drove another few hundred yards and stopped only to discover that the chrome muffler housing was gone! All the other bits were still connected to the engine but that large, outside cylinder was gone. I'm going to drive back in a bit to look for it because I'm afraid it's been run over (possibly blowing some poor cager's tire). In case i can't find it, or it's ruined, does anyone know where i can buy just the outside casing? Here's a link exactly which muffler it is.


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    happened to me... its the chepo muffler. Gotta make sure the bolt is always tight on the bottom. Maybe some JB weld would keep it on a little longer??