Muffler Fell Off... What to Use?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by echelonunit37, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. echelonunit37

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    My muffler fell off the other day while riding. I was going a bout 30 when EVERYTHING got LOUD! I pulled in the clutch and killed the engine... lo and behold the muffler broke off at the WELD!!!! I turned around to find the renegade piece... and it was NO WHERE to be found! So, I rode the 2 miles home pretty much open header...

    My first question is: What can i use to make a makeshift muffler until I can get some money?

    Two blocks before I got home, the poor engine died on me and nearly threw me over the handle bars...

    My second question is: WTF HAPPENED TO THE ENGINE?!?!? HAHA...

    I just went from having a perfectly running 80cc MB to a poor dead heap. She's in bad condition... any help would be greatly appreciated...:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

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  3. echelonunit37

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    What...exactly...IS THAT?
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    A lawn mower muffler, available at most any home improvement store.
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    yep. briggs n stratton type exhaust...just weld it on where the old one was...

    but why did the engine sieze? hmmmm

    sounds like it siezed, anyways...

    um, most ppl will start saying "cus it had no back pressure" just cus they have to say something...

    but how did it die? a gradual decline? sudden? was it vibrating badly before the muffler came off and the weld breaking was an effect, not a cause?

    oil mix?

    iunno. ive ran a straight pipe for a while with no probs.... not that i reccomend such behaviour... :p

    start some explorative surgery n give us some more clues....
  6. echelonunit37

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    Ok, so after it died, I tried to start it up again and it seemed like it wasn't firing enough. Almost like it was at a really low idle. After that, complete failure. Maybe the plug fouled out because I got scared and put the carb needle in the middle slot. Lotta smoke I'll tell you that! I don't think it seized because I could drop the clutch and hear the piston moving. Now that I think about it, this really sounds like a fouled plug! Anyway, here's another clue, though I don't know what to make of it... when I tried to use the primer, I could see the fuel go down in the like, but as soon as I stopped, it would rise back up to where it originally was. Don't know what this means but I'll keep tinkering away guys. :-/:-/:-/
  7. HeadSmess

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    so it didnt sieze? and smoke on a 2 banger is always a good sign of adequate lube...

    making it sound like a flooding carbie, with the timely failure of the exhaust just to lead you after wild geese :) (good idea to change the plug now too...)

    usual deal...strip the lil thing n give it a bath, adjustment...blah :) worth a go, anyways... already broke :)
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    They are made with either a 1/2" pipe thread or a 3/4" pipe thread. Less then $10.00
  9. echelonunit37

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    SO, I replaced the spark plug with a new one and drained the fuel from the carb. She fired up a bit and the n died again. I can pedal with the clutch engages and I can feel resistance. But it isn't firing! What to do!?!?
  10. HeadSmess

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    actually pull the carbie apart. could be the jet fallen off.. or level too high etc. ive always found the disassemble reassemble trick works 90% of the time...
  11. echelonunit37

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    HeadSmess! You rock!!!! I took the Carb apart this morning, cleaned it out a little bit and BAM! She started right up!!!! Thanks to everyone that helped... I sincerely appreciate you guys helping get BlackWing up and running again!!!!