Muffler for two stroke Tanaka 32cc



I have been searching for a good quiet performance exhaust for the Tanaka 32cc two stroke motor.

I am running with the HP carb and was looking at the ADA Stalker Exhaust but they do not make one to fit the Tanaka 32cc.

I have heard the X cans and they are loud. I am looking for a little better performance and a more quiet ride.

Anyone have any ideas on which exhaust is quieter than the stock exhaust and helps performance?


Jan 6, 2008
From the Golden Eagle site regarding mufflers for the Tanaka 33

" * Can I add an additional muffler to reduce noise?

No, unless it's approved specifically for that engine, we do not recommend additional mufflers or silencers. Restricting exhaust flow can cause engine to overheat, reducing life and/or loss of performance. Warranty does not cover use of any unauthorized parts. An exhaust Tip that turns noise away from rider's ear, back and toward the street - makes a difference without causing air restriction, overheating or loss of performance.


Not adding, but replacing with another

I was not thinking of adding a silencer to the stock exhaust, but taking off the stock can and replacing with a better flowing, less tinny sounding exhaust. I would like to add more power and torque for more speed and hopefully less noise.

I see a lot of other engines on powerboards or scoots, but so far nothing on the Tanaka 33 Golden Eagle engine kit.