Muffler Gasket

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by MarcMotorHead, May 24, 2008.

  1. MarcMotorHead

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    two questions

    any suggestions for a replacement?
    mine does not maka good seal.

    it is a red seal sandwiched between two piece of metal
    I am supposed to remove the metal?

  2. Zev0

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  3. KiDD

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    Go buy some gasket material from the auto part store and cut yourself a new replacement one and dress with high temp rtv
  4. I have read where some members use EGR gaskets from automobiles, because they are metal. You might also want to check the "face" of the muffler, with a strait edge. Mine was terrible I had to grind it smooth. I agree with Kidd go out an buy a roll of gasket material and hi temp RTV, youll need it.....
  5. davidsis

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    Napa has exuast gasket making gasket. I tried the black regular gasket material and it blew out. But on the otherhand I did wreck and bed the exaust that could have done it insted. The High temp RTV I have used and it works for sure. Just do not over thighten or use too much just a pretty thin coat about width of dime. Then tighten it up pretty snug then after it dries another 1/8 turn.
  6. MarcMotorHead

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    Thanks for all the help

    I used RTV Copper and the old gasket so far so good, gasket making material is very hard to find here, The guys in the parts store are less than helpfully.

    I will pick some up on my next shoping trip in the states

    Its a general montreal thing part oif the French culture to be generally rude. lol
    Once again thanks for all the help Guys!: