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    Hello i'm a new member and I am wondering in what ways i can make my muffler more quiet. I have put steel wool inside of it, and that only did a little good. I have seen longer mufflers (about a foot and a half) and i'm wondering if they would be more quiet? If there is another supplier I could buy a muffler from, please let me know. Currenlty I buy my kit from livefastmotors.

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    The muffler is just a small fraction of the noise. Heres a good thread with lots of noise reduction tips.

    There currently are only two types of standard exhaust pipe available for these engines, both with very simple mufflers. If you wanted to get a better muffler then it would have to be a custom job, would be well worth it but wouldn't be that easy as access to a welder would be almost essential.

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    I think you forgot to put the link in your post.....?
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    Now I feel stupid. I've added the link now...
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    LOL, dont because that link and your thread are really useful. The noise never really bothered me but after doing the things that you suggested about the drive train (replaced my 415HD dax chain with a .81 chain). and rubber in the fins.

    Now all i hear is the exhaust which is what i like...