Exhaust Muffler rattle

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jtmiyake, May 21, 2009.

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    Hello, is it normal for the Chinese 2-stroke mufflers to rattle. With the engine off I can tap the muffler and hear something rattling around in it. I can definitely hear it bouncing around when running.

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    First thing I'd check is whether or not the guts are working loose. If they are, then they'll pop out on you when you're riding.

    (I saw a photo posted of a recent muffler. The construction seemed to be different than mine. So the details could be off, but the principle is the same)

    First time it happened to me there was a motorcycle coming around the bend at a pretty fair distance. I thought, "Man, that bike is loud.....Wait a minute....Is that me?".
    Sure enough was. Second time my rear tire ran right over the muffler guts and instantly flattened. Others have had their guts run over by cars and trucks, ruining them.

    I replaced the screw that holds it together with a slightly longer, hex head bolt and lock washer. Still have to tighten occasionally, but it's not a big deal.
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    wow... I only have 300 miles on this MB THING and I do not run it WOT ever. I guess I have not looked at it that close but I seem to think it was all one piece with no screws or anything. I've seen where others have it the muffler separate at the pipe right before going into the larger chamber. Should I be looking at an exhaust mod? Maybe this is just my next mod with an expansion chamber:eek: I just ordered tonight a Sturmey Archer X-FDD hub for the front and some cool bullet lights. This is getting worse (well not really) than my rock crawler.
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