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    I have a recumbent with gebe engine in back. the engine is really loud since it is right behind me. i had someone put a used muffler from a 150cc scooter engine, and its better, but not acceptable. does anyone know where i can a quieter muffler for the tanaka 40cc two stroke purefire engine.

    thanx, ralf

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    i have been all through the tanaka web site. they make a racing muffler, but its even louder than stock - at least according to the local tanaka dealer. i was thinking of getting a pipe with a flange for the exhaust port and trying a variety of aftermarket mufflers.
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    The problem is that this is a two-stroke. You need to have just the right amount of back pressure. Use the existing muffler, and add an additional straight-through 'swiss silencer' about 16-20 inches long. Fiberglass roving, which is a heavy, burlap-like fiberglass cloth used with fiberglass body work for autos and airplanes, is the sound baffling material. Metal screen is rolled into a tube, the same diameter as the exhaust pipe, then, the roving is wrapped around the screen tube. This is then slid into a larger shell.

    Ref the discussion here.