multi geared 4 stroke???

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by grezm0nkey, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. grezm0nkey

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    just curious if anyone has come across, made or have a 4 stroke multi-geared MB. maybe some vendor working on a new drive system?? like a jack system maybe? thanks


  2. stude13

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    lifan builds honda knockoffs of good quality 50cc--125. pull or elec.--shifter or automatic. wont fit in frame. work well on trikes and recumbents and maybe on some of motormaker's new age ideas. mitch
  3. Ghost0

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    Was actually working on it today. Should be on the market by spring.
  4. HoughMade

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  5. grezm0nkey

    grezm0nkey Member

    ghost, could it be a jack shaft to fit 4 stroke like the 2 stroke?

    stude13, thats what im looking for, an in frame mount. plus stay within motered bike class, not moped.

    i agree with hough tho.......ha

  6. Ghost0

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    Yes exactly, just like the 2 stroke kit but for the Huasheng and Honda 4 stroke engine kits. Hope to have a prototype up and running by the first of the year, test the you know what out of it, refine it and on the market she will go.
  7. grezm0nkey

    grezm0nkey Member

    will it be about the same price? .....i hope

  8. Ghost0

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    My initial guess is probably not. Won't really know until we get the design finalized and start pricing things. The design as it is shaping up will include a completely new motor mount which is why it may be a little spendy, but it will open up options for people wanting to convert from 2 stroke to 4 stroke. All they will need is an engine and a gearbox. They have everything else.
  9. grezm0nkey

    grezm0nkey Member

    complete bottom bracket, bearing and all to replace one piece set ups?
  10. Ghost0

    Ghost0 Guest

    We already sell that and it will not come with the kit but be as needed like it is currently offered.
  11. fetor56

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    Keep working. :)
  12. HoughMade

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  13. Ghost0

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    According to Websters the definition of tease is "to tantalize especially by arousing desire or curiosity often without intending to satisfy it". So if in a few months there is no 4 stroke shift kit on the market then you can call me a tease. But I assure you I do intend to satisfy.:grin:
  14. HoughMade

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    That's what they all say.... ;)

    ....but I am tantalized, nonetheless
  15. mabman

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    I predict that once this kit becomes available it will move HT's one step closer towards the brink of extinction. I have been cruising around here lately on a Hua Sheng running through some gears via a jackshaft and it produces plenty of power and is very quiet to boot. The big problem is that in order to get any resistance at the pedals at speed you need to have a 60t chainring!