Multi Speed hub on a Whizzer?

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by MaxGlide, Aug 18, 2010.

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    I'm sure this has been thought of (though I can't find it in any threads) but would something like a Bendix two speed hub work on a Whizzer?

    I can't think of any mechanical reason it wouldn't other than it might be complicated to operate.... "Ease off on gas.... back pedal..... ease on gas..."

    There has to be something I'm not thinking of.....


  2. Multi-speed hub?

    Hi I don't know how you think you would like to do this. The Whizzer is belt-drive, on left side of wheel, Sturmey and all other Internal Hubs I have ever seen are chain drive on the right side.

    Are you sure you mean Whizzer?

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    I know I'm missing something...

    Never mind, it just came to me.... duh! Force transmitted to the sheave is irrelevant to the gearing on the hub unless directly connected...

    I'm such a dork...

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    Max - Don't feel bad about trying to improve you motorbike.
    The bendix kickback hubs were not too durable. You would be better off with more gears; like a Nexus 4 speed or a Sachs/SRAM 5 speed hub.
    To use one of the hubs, you will need a jackshaft to transfer belt power to chain power.
    A jackshaft can be made with industrial bearing housings or by welding another bottom bracket shell on to acomodate the jackshaft. I have even seen members use a 3 speed hub for a jackshaft.
    It is niether easy nor simple, but can be done and it will be a much faster Whizzer.
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    Thanks for the info Wheelbender. For now I am going to keep her as a single speed and just get her running. I'll see later if I'll put in more gears.... I'm not sure yet how fast i really want to go on this thing!

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    2 speed hub

    I have a 48 J engine on my 45 Monark with an old 2 speed New Departure thats been on the bike since i installed it around 1947. Never had a problem and the low gear makes it much easier to pedal start.