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    Anyone know if i can use Manic Mechanics 3post rear sprocket adapter on 26" 68 or 140 spoke (regular or fan) wheels, similar to the ones found here www.bicycledesigner.com

    If not, will the regular 9hole universal sprocket adapters work.
    Thanks for your Input.

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    I've never tried it but i'm sure MM's adapter will work much better than the 9 hole standard HT idea....more professional in every way driving the wheel from the hub.
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    I would be very leery of them fitting. Not because they're not high quality, because they are. (they're outstanding.) But, think about it from a simple space issue.

    The adapters have three tapered posts (drilled & tapped,) which need to fit between the spokes... Ref the pic below from his site.

    Now, if the wheel has 36 spokes, this is 18 per side, and there is an evenly divisible number of openings (18/3 = 6) where the tapered posts could fit. (an evenly divisible (by three) number of spokes per side is important, as when you rotate the adapter on the hub, you should center the three posts in the spoke opening. But, if the openings aren't evenly divisible by three, when you center one in an opening, the other two posts will be off center.)

    If you have a 32 spoke wheel, it will STILL probably work, because even though 16/3 is not evenly divisible (it's 5.33,) there are so few spokes that the opening between them is correspondingly large, so, the three posts should still fit, even though at most, only one post can be 'centered' in it's opening.

    And, with 48 spokes, even though the space between the spokes is reduced, there IS an evenly divisible number of openings (24/3 = 8) so there is a decent chance that the posts can fit.

    However, with 68 spokes, 34/3 = 11.33, so there isn't an even number of openings. AND, there's very little room between the spokes (only about half the space as between the spokes of a 36 spoke wheel.)

    The 140 spoke wheel is even worse. 70/3 = 23.33, so it's not evenly divisible by three, AND, there's virtually no room between the spokes to fit the three posts...

    That being said, your best bet is to contact Jim at his site with this question. He will probably need more information though.

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    So then I should look into a multi spoke wheel that has disk brakes and get a sprocket that attaches to it. I'll try e-mailing Tom and see what he says. I really think a 140 or 68 spoke fan wheel will look sick. Thanks, it makes sense.
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