Multiple problems: Engine Mount, Throttle, and Muffler

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    Hi, let me start by saying that I am not too savvy with mechanical parts. That said, I've tried my best to make my HT engine work but even so I really need your guy's help.

    Engine Mount
    Firstly, the engine has never fit onto my bike (front tube is WAY too fat). I removed the front mount screws (I don't remember why), and have used two steel ties to ensure the engine is secure. However, I do not feel save using this...anyone got any ideas on how I can mount my engine?

    Throttle HandlebarThe throttle handlebar is not securely on the handlebar. I can easily pull it off. It twists with my wrist when I try to use it so that is very annoying. I've tried many things, but the original plastic mount (where you drill a hole into the handlebar itself) broke off. The anchor part has also broken off, preventing me from lowering the RPM. (You can see the botched fixed with tape)

    I over tightened the left bolt here, and the entire plastic section came out rendering the muffler useless. Even when it did work it got
    in the way of my pedals. I may get a heat gun to bend it, but any ideas on how to mount it? The gap is highlighted by the giant red box.

    Thank you for taking the time to help! It is greatly appreciated.

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    It is without a doubt a mess, which is why I'm inclined not to ride it until it's 100% safe.

    Here's a picture of the engine whole:
    I've fixed the throttle mounting problem myself. This is the anchor part that's broken off:
    This is the "plastic" (sorry, I meant metal) part that broke off from over tightening the muffler bolt. It's where the left screw is supposed to go. You can see the grooves!

    As mentioned earlier I removed my front engine studs (I don't remember why). I found an SBP engine mount that I really but I need to replace my studs first. What can I do?

    Thank you for all your help!