murder to the nth degree


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8:39 AM
May 21, 2008
clearfield utah
well i did my first commute yesterday. wasn't too bad till i hit the hill i built this thing to overcome. then i made up the hill about 3/4 of the way and i just couldn't make the bike or me go. so i stop. take a break. 2 minutes. start riding again from a dead stop. no motor yet. bikes hard to pedal??? check it out. rear left brake is rubbing hard against the rim. duh how did that get there. any way fixed (temporarily) said brake and moved on. just under 5 miles to work. 27 minutes. ride home is allllllllll downhill. had to keep the engind off of the tire about 1/2 the time. i think next time no motor on the way home. don't need it. unless i just get lazy. one question though. does every moron in utah wake up knowing that i'm gonna ride my bike to work, then call all the other morons in utah, and say "Let's Kill Revelstone Today".?? i felt like nothing more than a target. Happy Motoring!!:D:D
Hate to burst the bubble, but you were only dealing with about 1% of the morons in Utah, so far as road behavior is concerned. I lived in Houston for 15 years, and have driven all over this country (and about 30 others) over the years. I've crossed Utah 5 times in the last three years, and the SL valley has the most insane drivers per sq foot of highway I've ever seen. Rome was better.
i used to drive 18 wheelers for a living. went to 43 of 48 states. and on this point i happen to agree 100% on the insane driver syndrome in the SL valley. they are starting to drop the "bee hive" state and calling it the "me first, then you" state.
Hey rev, I live in southern Utah. Same whackiness applies. Definitely, the "Me First!" state. Gotta be on your guard at all times (driving, walking or riding). :eek:

Quick sidebar: Maybe you can enlighten me. I'm brand new to all this stuff. I can't seem to track down any sort of definitive explanation of the law in Utah regarding MBs. A couple of years ago I rode a 49cc scooter around without licensing and registration. Didn't seem to be a problem. Nevertheless, I'm unclear about motorized biking. Whaddaya know?
below is the long answer. but i actually talked to leutentant on the police force in clearfield. ( a good idea in your neck of the woods too ) he said as long as its NOT over 49 cc your cool. also talked to someone that acturally knows the law. 49cc max and it cant propel you over 30 mph on flat ground. i've had mine at 26 and that was scary enough to make me throttle down quick.

this is a good sight for motorcycles in utah

then go here for the long answer
Thanks for the info, rev! I plan on riding conservatively. Haven't seen any of theses rigs out here yet, so I want to be able to set a good example.

Back to your original observation - Why do you think Utah cagers are such notorious menaces? Before our population started exploding down south (Utah's Dixie), I just assumed it was "old farmers" syndrome. You know, pokey drivers with no peripheral vision. But now it seems to have gotten much worse; with cell phones, dopiness, bonehead aggressiveness and a pathological state of self-centeredness. Yikes! Caveat bike-tor, or something like that . . .
"pathological state of self-centeredness" hits the nail on the head. the new generation(s) think "it's all about me" gone are the days when helping your neighbor and be polite were a matter of course. i opened the door for a woman the other day and she said, "hey there are gentlemen still". i told her i was the last one. ;-)