Murray 24 w/pocket bike engine

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    here's an old murray 24 inch girls bike i put together for my girlfriend. It's pretty solid, has 21 sp pedal side from a mountain bike and an element racing fork. engine mount is steel with wood. it has a half-link engine side chain so i wouldnt need a tensioner, as the rack is adjustable. the wheels are heavy duty with 12g spokes w 36t sprocket.
    i tried it out for about 10 miles and it rode really smooth. oh except the rack caught fire. i forgot to give enough clearance for the muffler. it made it's own clearance. It was kind of awkward riding due the size being a 24 inch but my girlfriend is under 5 ft so it's built accordingly

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    Very nice build. I gave my wife my old Gebe Motorized Bike(25cc's) but now she wants something that will go faster! She's a tad over 5' so can't ride any of my other motorized bikes which are men's full frames. Looks like you won't have that problem with the pocket bike engine and small 24" wheels.
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    I like it. I hadn't seen a front rack that mounts to the brake posts before. Looks clean.
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    thanks for the positive responses, by the way wheelbender6, they have those front racks at niagara cycles for around $8.00 online in black or silver, best deals ive found for parts to restore old bikes
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    I know this thread is ancient, but this is awesome, and simple looking. I am going to try and make this soon. Has anyone else made something similar to this?
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