mushroom lifters for the Whizzer motor

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    Hi everyone,
    We just received our shipment of mushroom lifters for the Whizzer WC-1 and NE motors. Although we ordered hundreds we only have 18 sets left in stock. Because of the high quality and "made in America" the lifters never had a chance of gathering, "dust" on the shelves. Several of the Whizzer dealers elected to stock the lifters and can also be ordered through the EZ Motorbike dealer network. The lifters were made identical to my original "racing" profile, and are lightweight and hardened to last for a very long time.
    Because of design the lifters will reduce the pressure on the lobes, and should be used to replace the original soft version used in the 2005, 2006, and early 2007 NE motors for durability. The lifters can and should be used to replace the versions used in the late 2007 and 2008 motors because of the weight reduction and the base is level [guaranteed]. Although I applaud Whizzer for finally installing the mushroom lifters in the late 2007 and current motors, I found many that were way too heavy [32 grams] and the bases were ground at an angle, and none had the edge "rounded" or beveled. If the base isn't level, the lifter won't rotate and will wear in one location.
    I will spend a little time explaining why the "mushroom" lifters are so important. Because of the angle and location of the lifters, the size becomes very important. The vintage Whizzer motors used a ½" [.500"] wide lifter, however when copied in Taiwan the size was reduced to 10 MM [.393"]. If the camshaft lift is increased above .150" the smaller lifters "dance" down the lobe and cut small grooves on the ramps. After a short time [usually under 100 miles] the grooves increase in size and soon major problems appear. When the NE motor was introduced the camshaft lift was increased and no longer matched the lifter profile correctly. A "quick" fix was applied to majority of the motors during production, which entailed heating the lifters to soften them. By softening the lifters, the camshaft lobes were no longer in danger, but the soft lifters quickly created a new problem. Because the lifters were soft they quickly changed shape, increased the clearance, and several "splintered" the metal at the base and found its way into the camshaft mounting bearing in the crankcase. The simple fix to this problem is to use hardened wider lifters. If the entire lifter is wider the lifter bores in the crankcase would need to be enlarged, therefore only the base of the lifter needs to be enlarged [called "mushroom" lifter] to address the problem.
    Although the mushroom lifters solve a serious problem in the early NE motors, the design also helps the power band in motors using the WC-1 camshaft. The mushroom lifters hold the valve open at maximum for a longer period of time and enhance the torque and power of all the motors. It is also important that the lifter be as light as possible to reduce valve train stress [a side effect is a quicker revving motor].
    Because of volume we were able to have them made in "America" [Virginia in fact] and still keep the cost down. In the past, several companies sold them for over $125.00 a set, but we can supply them at the suggested retail of $60.00 per set, and can be purchased via authorized dealers.

    Have fun,

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    Come and get them. I can attest to the fact they work. I have a Whizzer set that were reworked to the specs to which these were produced.


    PS Hal, did you orders your yet?
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    Hi Everyone,

    Just a quick note concerning supply. They are going fast, and we have a limited number of sets in stock. Better order soon or will miss out. Contact any EZ Motorbike dealer for price & availabilty. I also have a few sets in stock if needed.

    Have fun,