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    Ok, :eek:nline2long:

    I'll admit it, I've created a few MB videos along the way.
    When I first started along the MB route, I started with a
    2 Stroke 80CC ZBox Engine, that I had alot of trouble
    making work. I'd hence be documenting every single
    bit of my bike, as I had no idea how to
    fix all the bits and pieces that went along with the motor
    and all the add-ons that go with it. :hammer:

    Now I have a new electric, the bike shop does it all for me.
    (Its like buying New versus Second Hand) :scooter:

    On Topic:
    After all this documenting, I'd then end up with a bunch of photos
    that I'd want to share, that'd make it into a windows movie maker video.
    Anyone can easily do this. Look in Accessories
    on any Windows XP/VisaPC.
    Read the help file if you get stuck...:walkman:

    After one has made the video, I usually put it on YouTube.
    I would spice it up, with a piece of my favourite music.
    In MP3 format only.

    The trouble with doing this, is that YouTube has pircacy tracker
    software that will lock out your video, when the scanner
    finds your video on youtube. :juggle2:

    I had a couple of vids got locked out.
    I guess this is a belated warning to anyone who has put their vids
    on here this way.

    I may have the content somewhere. But I don't have the
    care/desire to re-edit that vid.
    So the video is now lost.

    One way around this in future will be to use some of my own music.
    that I've made on a Mac in Garage Band.:punk:

    So to anyone interested I have a couple of tracks,
    you can throw at your next YouTube Video.
    PM Me and I'll send one your way.

    I was going to upload it here, but the biggest zip size is 98k.:nopity:

    I'll see if I can stick it elsewhere on the web,
    then update the link back here.
    Could be good for a laugh.
    Ok, this is the Itunes aif file.

    It played on my PC, welcome if you want it.
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  2. It cut off but I was digging it! I guess you can loop it over and over for extended videos.
    I like to talk during my video's though.
    I haven't made any decent ones lately.
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    Thanks Large, I've enjoyed your vids.

    I created that song today in about 1 hour.
    Got sick of making it, so stopped at what that length was.
    1 minute:40.
    Not bad for 1 hours work.
    You can loop it for as long as you want, in garage band.
    Like I could make that "song" 15 minutes long if I wanted.
    I'll upload a couple of others.

    My humble on videos, is you need a good balanced
    mix of content to make it interesting.

    Music, voice, engine sound, on screen text.

    To many video's have some dude going
    "umm, this is me bike",
    then you get 4 minutes of engine noise.


    Tater had the right idea, put a song in with it.
    I liked the one that he had ACDC content in it.
    And that again raises the point,
    Google Scrutinise against a list of allowed content.
    Get it wrong and ya vids blocked.
    Your lovingly made Vid content is a sitting duck.

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