Muslim's Secret Plan Is ??

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mountainman, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Mountainman

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    the Muslim's secret plan is to infiltrate into
    all of the free countries government positions of authority
    they are planning and raising many of their young ones
    so as to move into congress, senate, governor, City and State positions

    I have been telling friends and loved ones about this for a few years now
    it's not that hard to believe
    isn't that exactly what one would expect long suffering terrorist to do ??

    this same THING was talked about last night on TV
    it said that they are working into these positions of trust at this time
    we will be in their hands before we know it

    I not not sure that THINGS are happening that fast
    grab that free THING
    but -- this is some food for thought

    yes I know that a couple here on site
    are going to chime right in and tell us how great Muslim's are
    that's fine -- when the time comes -- you can submit to them

    or be killed you fools !!!!!


  2. SimpleSimon

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    Care to provide some citations of evidence to support that claim?

    Not that I necessarily doubt your claim - in all honesty, if I were a mullah you've just described exactly what I'd be doing to expand the Dar El Islam. No, I don't favor such a change - I've seen islamic cultures and islamic law in action for myself, and I think it rather medieval and authoritarian.

    Nevertheless, they are certainly entitled to their beliefs, and to attempt to bring about change in support of their agenda. Just as those who preach about this country being founded as a "christian nation" do - mistaken as they are.

    This country was founded as a secular nation - the first such nation on earth. If you doubt that, go look up the Treaty with Tripoli, as approved by Thomas Jefferson and a majority of the sitting Senate at that time - pretty much founding fathers, one and all.
  3. eastwoodo4

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    we us a date system based on christianity.
  4. eastwoodo4

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    hey mm.what do you think obama mama is.i would huess a closet muslim.
  5. SimpleSimon

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    Mostly out of curiosity about how your mind works, eastwood, of what relevance is that?

    It was and is the common western civilization dating system - its origins are immaterial to its use.

    But heck, we use english weights and measures in this country, while the rest of the world pretty much uses the metric system - a french methodology. Time keeping methodologies have evolved over the centuries, but the 12 hour clock dates from before 1,500 BC.

    So, tell me, what does the dating system have to do with anything here?
  6. moondog

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  7. give me vtec

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    I definitely believe there is an islamic threat to this country on a fundamentally ideological level. I also believe there is a strong push towards sharia law, not only here but overseas in the UK as well.

    I think the difference is in the will of the American people.... I used to think patriotism was all but dead. Now, with the recent push towards health care reform, I have a renewed faith in my countrymen and women to stand up for what they believe.

    They may be able to get the camels nose in the tent, but when the tent starts to stink like camel a s s... the camel better have a big gun.
  8. Mountainman

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    low blow SS -- refer to wallbuilders site

    This article may be read in two manners. It may, as its critics do, be concluded after the clause "Christian religion"; or it may be read in its entirety and concluded when the punctuation so indicates. But even if shortened and cut abruptly ("the government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion"), this is not an untrue statement since it is referring to the federal government.
    Recall that while the Founders themselves openly described America as a Christian nation (demonstrated in chapter 2 of Original Intent), they did include a constitutional prohibition against a federal establishment; religion was a matter left solely to the individual States. Therefore, if the article is read as a declaration that the federal government of the United States was not in any sense founded on the Christian religion, such a statement is not a repudiation of the fact that America was considered a Christian nation.

    Reading the clause of the treaty in its entirety also fails to weaken this fact. Article XI simply distinguished America from those historical strains of European Christianity which held an inherent hatred of Muslims; it simply assured the Muslims that the United States was not a Christian nation like those of previous centuries (with whose practices the Muslims were very familiar) and thus would not undertake a religious holy war against them.
  9. moondog

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    I believe the place the Jews call the Temple Mount is what they claim.

    I also believe Jesus died on the cross. I believe the Bible, not the Koran is the book that tells the story of Jesus I believe.

    Whose purpose does saying Jesus did not die on the cross serve ?
  10. eastwoodo4

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    so at what point did all these churches show up ss?

    ty mm
  11. SimpleSimon

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    When the churches showed up is not germane to the issue at discussion. The fact that it was mostly "christians" who founded this country is not at issue here - but what they quite deliberately founded was a secular nation in which any person would be free to practice whatever magical authoritarianism seems best to him/her.

    Including those of us who reject all such magical thinking and abdication of personal responsibility.
  12. linnix13

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    TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! (its pinky and the brain brain brain brain,)

    no honestly i think its nothing, there plan is to live, if you would let them be then they would be fine, but you had to go start shi.t and now there ****ed, so they fight back in retaliation so you keep shipping in more troops, its a vicious cycle,

    aslong as this stays outa canada im happy!

    but then again if america gets destroyed we have no defense, unless Muslims are allergic to KD,,,,
  13. arceeguy

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    Hahaha - fine. You can defend your own sorry @sses.
    You need to remember that we are allies and work together, almighty master of the universe! LOL

    Can't wait 'till some of your compadres read your words of wisdom. Mmm Mmm Mmm Barack Hussein OhBahMah - you love him, don't you.
  14. linnix13

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    oh obama, yeah im leaving that alone, he seems like a cool enough guy, i dont really watch the news and our Canadian programing isnt as politicaly focused as alot of Americas, he cant be bad hes trying to get you guys the same health care we have! but i dont think that will work, oh yeah and disregard my earlier posts, kinda got carried away with the hole CC thing and no the rules,

    not here to make enemy's, im here to enjoy myself,
  15. give me vtec

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    you don't know anything about obama and what he is doing so please don't comment any further... you just look stupid.
  16. Mountainman

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    just another good reason

    just another good reason

    to ban this one from up north

  17. SimpleSimon

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    So, you'd ban him for his political views, mild as they are?

    You are such a great defender of the freedoms this country was founded to embody it amazes me.
  18. eastwoodo4

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    the kid said obama seems like a "cool"enough guy.if his political views are based on how cool someone is,i think we can do with out his views.
  19. Mountainman

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    SS -- one

    SS -- one
    yes anyone who thinks Obama Mama is cool
    as far as I am concerned should be banned from site
    I guess that you are glad that I am not a super moderator
    or what ever you guys call yourselfs
    that's cool the job don't pay enough for me to be involved

    got to run now
    Obama Mama is going to be on TV
    kissing up to yet another country we have done wrongs to

    I just didn't know there were so many ??

    I should have checked with you first -- dang me !!!

  20. SimpleSimon

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    Guess again, MM. I am not a moderator here, nor have I any authority at all on this site. Which is fine by me. I prefer the site as it is - free speech being important. Fascistic denial of that freedom is truly troubling.