MX5 Superbike, where did they go, much better than the Chinese motor kit?

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    Wow, I have been dinking and dinking, with this Chinese motor bike kit, and after reading a lot of comments, frankly not impressed. Years ago, on the same bike I installed a MX5 superbike kit. You can still see it on five flags bikes, they're in Florida, it was a piece of cake to install, no monkey business. One clamp slapped around the frame coming down from the bicycle seat, and roller contacted the rearwheel. Never had any problems with it, until the friction drive pulley which was belt driven wore out. It's only 33.9 cc, and everything was stock I didn't add anything I could do about 33 miles an hour which was scary. Very disappointed with this Chinese stuff, wish I could get one of those again. It very disappointed, John

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    Mx5 Supe Bike motor

    I Have 2 of Mx5 superbike motors they work fine and fun to ride will part
    with one make me a offer obo
    thank you
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    The Mx5 superbike works well
    got 2 of them at a state sale thy in abox for years