My 1 Year Old Torker Boardwalk

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    This is my 2nd build, & my 2nd Favorite Bike. the bike shop where i bought this bike said it was better than a schwinn. i have a Schwinn Delmar that is yet to be put together. the only difference is that the Torker does have bigger spokes, however the Schwinn Delmar has better fenders, & they are more securely fastened. this bike has the same trailer hitch as my other bike.

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  2. bikebum1975

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    Nice looking ride. Did you make the hitch? Would love to know more about it.
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    good lookin' cruiser :cool2:
  4. crazeehorse

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    yes i did, it's very easy, all you need is a peice of 1 inch angle iron about 6-7 inches long, a swivel caster with at least a 1-1/8 inch wheel on it. grind the rivet head off the pin that holds the wheel on the caster, & remove the wheel. I renforced the base of the castor with by welding a peice of 3/32 inch stainless steel the same size to it. then welded the castor to the peice of angle iron. drill a hole to accept the axle. then saw about 1 inch of the angle off the angle iron , on the front so you can put a thick peice of rubber around the chain stay, & secure it with a hose clamp. & its just that easy
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