my 1975ish schwinn 80cc

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by mtbforlife, Jan 28, 2008.

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    nice looking....solid build. Cool idea for routing your wiring. did you paint your engine??

    Schwinn cruisers of this era have a welded-on kickstand. not bolted-on. (I'm talking, late 1940's to at least mid 1980's)
    there is no shame in your bike NOT being Schwinn....It still is cool ...:cool:!
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    well then its a huffy late 70s im shure then. yes i got the motor off a friend a few weeks back the thing was working like **** oil everywhare. so i cleaned the motor off with some brake cleaner threw some 500 heat paint on and WALA. and i forgot to mention i spend $90 in replacement parts. good deal for a free motor.
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    Nice bike, nice price, looks like a winner to me.
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    Looks good. Did you have to cut out the chain guard to fit the motor?
  6. You need a rear brake. Having just a front brake is not safe. Route the rear brake's lever with your front one on the right,just one under the other. It looks cool that way.And also,if your clutch cable ever fails,you have that rear brake cable as a temporary fix so you can make it home.
    I love your bike,though. That frame is pretty nice.
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    yes i did have to cut a pretty big chunk out of it to fit, right whare the support is to but its holding real well so im glad i did that it looks a little better with the chainguard on.:cool:
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    dont worry the rear is a coaster brake setup. but i usually use the frount because it stops real well. and thanks.

    dose anyone have any ideas how i might be able to pull a few more horses from that motor? i have the exhaust baffel and pipe cut out. any other ideas would be nice thanks.
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    well i was thinking im just a kinda person who likes to ride in the rain and mess around so i need a pair of fenders. i used to have a pair of old balloon fenders but thay gave so much trouble (raddles, breaks in the metal, vibrations, annoying) so i was wondering has anyone used plactic fenders? the ones sold at the bikes stores? are thay anygood?
    because i would shure like to get a pair i just don know what would be better.
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    do I recognize a 'livefast' 40 tooth sprocket?
    I have one and it is flat (no offset)as well
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    Your bike looks great,nice work man...i would shorten those chain tensioner bolts and also turn them the other way so they can't snag anything,neater too.
    There's heaps of threads here about performance a search and particularly look for carby's and expansion chambers but remember if u put tooo much stress on these HT engines they'll fail.
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    well i added a new rear basket just for haulin stuff around in, the basket was not made for this type of bike so i had to drill a hole in the seat post and use a peice of thick metal and use it as a mount. works fine i also had to weld the botton bracket mounts comeing off the frame to basket togeather to keep from moving (i diid not weld the basket to the bike just in case anyone did not understand right) and i took the light i had down at the bottom and mounted it at the end of the basket.

    tell me what you think about it if it still looks ok with that on? or if it took the performence look away from it.:cool:

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  13. I like the painted engine and chainwheel. Great looking bike. A boost bottle is an easy way to boost power. The boost bottle will put the "happy" in your happy time engine.
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    I have a rear carrier and panniers for practicality BUT it looked better before.
    My own personal opinion is that yours looked better before(more racy,sleeker)
    The build i'm doing at the mo is going to have minimal accessories.........less is more.
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    or you mean the less you have on the less that raddles off.:grin: