My 1st build and NO kit

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  1. I'm using a cantilever frame that has gone through several incarnations. First as a single speed. I got it (just the frame) years back and converted it to a 21 speed mountain bike. I welded rear brake bosses for cantilever brakes so now it is going into it's next incarnation. I stripped the paint and repainted it flat olive with a rat rod/steam punk idea. (wait till you see the exhaust). It is a good quality frame as the rear drop outs are welded to the chain stays, not press fitted like old cheap Huffys.
    So I like to fabricate and do my own thing. Saw the Harbor Freight 2.5 HP greyhound engine and knew I had to put it on my bike. :idea:
    I ordered the left side sprocket from sick bike and a rear wheel with 8 gauge spokes from the local bike shop. Each pay day comes a little closer to the finished project. Tractor Supply Store provided #40 chain and some sprockets. A jackshaft I found on line and a #40 chain centrifugal clutch from a local go cart supplier. The bearings that came with it are junk so I ordered top quality high center height pillow block bearings from the Big Bearing store"-High-Centerheight-Pillow/Detail
    The motor mounts are fabricated from pre-drilled "hobby" angle iron and some U bolts. The chain tensioner will be fabricated from a #40 idler (Tractor Supply) and some more hobby angle. I plan on having an extra sprocket on the jack shaft so I can quickly move the sprockets over and place the chain on a different sprocket and have a dual range transmission. RST front suspension fork and some good quality kevlar lined road tires should round out the rest...BTW the exhaust system is from Tractor Supply...3/4 inch black water pipe! Photos to come as I have a hard time downloading with the slow dial-up connection.

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    Dial-up connection? You're pulling our leg, right?

    Anyway, it sounds like you've done some pretty neat engineering there.

    Have fun with it.
  3. Dial up...:veryangry: :shout: :ack2: SERIOUSLY!!! I live WAAAAAAAAAAAAY out in the country and I refuse to pay over $50.00 monthly for satellite and there are no cell towers that service internet...not even AT&T. HOWEVER AT&T just finished installing underground fiberoptics nearby so maybe soon?
    Right now the motor mount is temporary. I want to get a nice looking one. Some of the plastic on the HF engine is getting painted with some of the metallic paints...antique brass and some other accents. Really dresses up the engine.
    Question... your screen name-bluegoatwoods- Do you have goats? My son raises goats for 4-H. Nigerian Dwarfs and we just picked up 2 Nubians today!
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    Nope, no livestock here. Municipal codes wouldn't allow that.

    My screen name is just three words thrown together randomly to give me something easy to remember without a string of digits or underscores. I guess they weren't quite random, for that matter; it needed to be something with some flow, too.
  5. O.K. I think I have all the parts in one place, now to sort and fit. Need to re work the engine mount mock-up. After it is working, then to make a real motor mount. The mock up will be a functioning part and will allow me to put the bike on the road sooner and let me get in put and make modifications before the final version. Looks like the mount rails will extend back behind the seat tube to allow room for the jack shaft/pillow block assembly. Hopefully it will not interfere with the tire.
  6. Got some good wrench time today. Reconfigured the motor mounts and got jack shaft bearings bolted down. I will take pictures tomorrow and TRY to post them. It is turning out better than I expected. Looks like there is not enough room to do the dual range drive I had planned. The primary drive is running #40 chain and the secondary drive will be #41 so that kinda threw a curve in the works, but nothing that will stop this project.
    I also picked up a Milwaukee chop saw at a yard sale for $30.00 so that really saves time in cutting the angle iron for the motor mounts! :bowdown:
  7. Now with photos!

    Here (hopefully) are some photos of my build. Note the Jack shaft has to be cut down, the forks and handle bars are just placed in position. Definitely not finished, this is mostly for fitting the components. Excuse the mess in the background (I have a teenage son who also shares my love for modification. This week is major clean up.
    Now if the photos load on dial-up :shout:
  8. OK, Where did the photos go?!?
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    They could have been too big .
    This site crashed earlier.

    This is where I buy my bearings and such things

    I had to use a kit for my first build.
    For me too much to learn all at once .

    I only do non kit systems now. Based on the scooter guys setup.
    He went out of business ?
  10. Trying for photos (again)? I hate dial-up! :shout: :icon_cry: :annoyed: :goofy: :ack2:

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  11. A few quick notes...

    Now that the photos are downloaded a few quick notes. The Jack Shaft still has to be cut down. The forks still need the bearing cups in the head tube. Wide crank needs to be ordered. The exhaust is currently 3/4 inch plumbing to be replaced with Stainless steel tubing, I just used this as a working mock-up to see how it would fit and any changes I might need to make before I fabricate the final exhaust. The rear wheel drive sprocket...I replaced the 3 inner plates with larger fender washers to get a better grip on the spokes. Rear wheel is built with 8 GA spokes. Gas tank to come later. I'm looking at old Coleman gas stove tanks for a round tank. I know I will find one at a Yard sale sometime soon. The air cleaner cover is painted with brass color Rust-o-leum, but I may change this color to the flat olive like the rest of the bike, not sure yet.