My 1st Motored bike build.

Well i finally decided to purchase a engine kit for a beach cruiser. I found the cruiser on facebook marketplace for $25, and it was delivered. turned out to be a brand new bike. As for the engine kit i went with a zeda 80 firestorm. I had one issue with the exhaust. it would not fit around the bikes front downtube. Tryed the motor adapter, didnt like it. ended up finally with a ball peen`s there and not touching the frame now. i have not started it yet and still needs the chain on, besides its like 19 f outside. but i plan to get the flexpipe exhaust i guess. also gonna have to take some width out of the handlebars, damn. The wiring i`m hoping is good, it was all plug in play,ha i didnt ground to the frame. Is that necessary? and from where?


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Oct 2, 2021
.....As for dude, ...... He has always pays for all the parts i get him. and i dont mind helping the dude out, and he`s always helping me out in return.

I have a friend I help in that same way. He is the one who got me into motorized bicycles. I used to always see him pushing his broken-down bike past my house. One day I decided to stop him to see what was up. Working on his bike sparked the interest for me. The rest is history. I became his personal bike mechanic but now he rides instead of pushes.
Keep on helping the dude.... nothing wrong with that.