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    I just registered a few minutes ago and this is my first time posting anything. I hope I'm not offending anyone or doing anything wrong -- there seem to be so many rules and overseers of rules. Please be forgiving of this newbie,...

    I live in southeastern NH and I don't own a car. My 24-speed hard-tail Raleigh Mojave 4.0 mountain bike is my main form of transportation. I want to motorize it this summer and eventually use it this winter with studded tires.

    I have a small fixed income and I'll be searching this site for information or suggestions. I figure I can afford maybe $350 total for parts, shipping, and labor, which puts me in the range of a cheap frame-mounted gas engine.

    I've heard tales of cheap, Chinese engines which break down easily. Today a bicycle shop employee tried to discourage me, telling me the torque from a 49 cc can break the spokes at high speed, flinging the chain around ones legs,...

    Has anyone else out there heard of such a horrific accident actually happening? Of course, I want to be safety minded and realistic, but I need encouragement! I'm assuming some cheapy engines are safer than others.

    Again, please be forgiving of this newbie,...

    -Longing to be motorized in NH

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    Welcome to the forum!
    A 49cc engine can easily break spokes that are less than 12 gauge.
    That said, consider most of those are on kits that use a "rag joint" method of sprocket mounting. Heavier spokes are a safe way to go regardless of mounting methods.

    Check out this link, it will answer a ton of questions for you, even ones that you did not think to ask yet: