My 20" springer re-visited

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  1. I started to scuttle a 20" Schwinn with a 1-1/2 hp Briggs & Stratton model N for the Stingray front fork . I was going to put it on my 3-speed Monark but the stem and struts were too short, so back it goes. In the process of ransacking I removed the handlebar basket that held a Briggs square tank. A new demension of UGLY. In short, it looks kinda cute and with the BMX brick-shaped saddle that resembles an old Bates scrambles saddle, I can even fold enough to ride it with my bad knee. If I can find a cheap HT tank, it would be a real sweety that would be to scale with a Wheezer tank on a 26. I can mill grooves in a piece of aluminum to straddle the fork legs with a clamping piece behind and mount a caliper brake and fender tab (remember, 20' wheel,26" fork) I also discovered a set of Wald 20" chrome new fenders I had. It has an idler pulley clutch at present, but I found I had a centrifugal clutch I could use.. Since there is no provision for tensioning the front belt, I might just leave the idler to handle the job. A bit of ally grid plate to dress up the
    1" square tubing foot and motor frame and I think it will join my fleet.
    Keith Williams

  2. Today I found I have a BMX alloy rim with 48 spokes. It says it is a 20 X 2.125 tire size, but a 20 X 1.75 tire is too big for it. I suppose that means a hi dollar special tire to fit it. The cones are bigger too. Will see what the bike shop has to say. I found I can mount the 26" Schwinn balloon tire fender in my HT/Schwinn with the reversed fork and Honda 50 shock/spring links. I will use a 20" fender brace to the fork pivot bolts and that will give me a uniform ~2" space to the wheel for spring action. Will just have to wing it for the front strut, as it is 'way longer than a 26 strut. Raided the shed for a good generator light and carrier for it. Tomorrow will order a HT fuel tank for the 20" and a pushbutton locking clutch for HT. Am still trying to locate my 20" chrome Wald Stingray fenders. Ever have days like that?
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    you should be able to find a low price 20 X 2.125 tire most anywhere
    would enjoy seeing a picture of your MB if you get a chance

    your question asked
    yes -- I sure have had some days like that !!!

    ride that thing
  4. Shoot me your email address and I will Howevewver I am waiting for a HT tank for it and will wait.