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  1. theshred

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    Here is my second build. My first was stolen at my work. :mad: I still can't believe someone stole it, and I know it was a fellow employee at my hotel. They just better make sure I never see them riding it! I want to add some different handlebars to this one. Maybe some 11 inch ape hangers. Yeah i'm pretty hard. Only problem with this build is the chain rubs the rear tire. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? Can the engine sprocket be moved out? Thanks for all the help. I love my bikes.

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  2. spunout

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    nice looking bike.

    you can try what i've done: put large fender washers between the sprocket, and the rubber mounting spacer, or use another spacer. the engine sprocket itself, probably isnt going anywhere.

    i bet you'd like to catch them on your other one. that sux, sorry.
  3. ozzyu812

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    I remember your thread when it got stolen. I see you got a really big lock!
    I'm sorry, but I can't help visualizing a motorized bike chase "Italian Job" style!
  4. Maxx Ported

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    turn the sprocket around.. It has enough off-set to clear the tire.
  5. kitcarguy

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    I like that bike. What kind is it?
  6. theshred

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    Spunout: I like the idea on adding a few spacers. Tried it out and she is perfect now! Thanks for the idea.
    Yeah I'll run his *** down if I see him while riding my new built. Learned alot from my first and this one is so much smoother. Engine is from boygofast and I have to say for $145 including shipping this engine kit rocks. The sprocket was a bit rough but I filed it down and it works great now. I emailed him a few times on some shipping questions and he responded within 24 hours each time. GREAT SERVICE!! I'll be posting a review for him.

    As for the bike its a schwinn Del Mar, and it matches the kit's tank color perfectly (didn't plan it but love the outcome).

    I'll post my pics later tonight of the final build. I currently do not have a tentioner on it because I hate the kit tentioners to bulky for my taste. I'm just going to use the roller and fabricate myself a smaller simple design.

    I love feedback on my builds. Thanks guys.
  7. theshred

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    I started off by switching the sprocket around still needed the extra room. thanks for the idea though.