My 31mph trike

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  1. bikeman6969

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    Hi all trike fans this is my newest bike a trike. I always wanted to build one so I did. It is harder to ride than I thought it would be but it is fun as **** to ride you really have to lean into the corners it is fun on short trips but long rides suck.The muffler is one that I got from Pipelyne(408-279-2307)it adds 5-8mph right off the back an it sounds awesome I like it so much that I bought 2 one for my other bike that I ride to work everyday it is just the best thing.Well check out the pictures and let me know what you think

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  2. RMWdave

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    haha wicked! thats an IP2 pocketbike pipe
  3. yimmie

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    that is awesome nice job. how do u feel the rear bearings are taking it at 31 mph? i have a columbia trke with a 6 hp were the basket was, no peddle . it will do around 40+ mph , if u can keep the front on the ground but it is fun as heck.

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  4. bikeman6969

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    that is one scary looking ride
  5. sjackson

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    Where did you get that seatpost?
  6. Bikewer

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    I considered doing one of these. I was examining an old Schwinn tricycle at the university here and was surprised to see the thing actually had a differential!
    I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a cheap one.
  7. AussieJester

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    Hello fellow trike owner :) Nice job on the trike, i would like to see some non-ape hanger style bars, perhaps more cruiser type bars but then im biased tiz what i have on my trike LoL

    happy riding


    p.s in regards to the trike conversion handling higher speeds, mine goes great but i did swap out the original sealed bearings on the trike conversion (purchased from ChoppersUS) with some higher quality bearings just to be safe :)