My 4-G (for Honda) arrived, but without bell housing???

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Sketch, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Sketch

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    Alright so in my other thread you guys talked me into the 4G, and it arrived yesterday. I had my bike repainted and all prepped for the install. However:

    The product description for the complete 4G (Honda version) on the website clearly states that it includes the bell housing, but I did not get one.

    I emailed b-e but since it's Sunday I thought I ask on here too.

    I'm frustrated - I would be able to have it running today if I'd gotten all the parts. Now my project is on hold for 4 or so days....

    Anyone know anything about this (housing not included?...)


  2. ocscully

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    The clutch bell with the t-belt output driver is as a must have part of the 4G drive and all of the dealers offering this unit say it does come with this part? I would call bicycle-engines first thing monday morning as I don't think they have ever gotten around to responding to e-mail communication in a timely manner. The other piece that in my opinion should be included with this unit is the spanner needed to adjust the belt tension and it appears that bicycle-engines charges extra for it? If you didn't get one of these you might want to talk to them about getting one?

  3. Sketch

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    As usual, is coming through for me. Missing parts are shipping tomorrow, and I will calm down and be patient. Meanwhile, I can finish up painting and try to figure out how the HD Rim with drum brake is supposed to be hooked up.

    4G comes with no instructions

    HD Rim comes with no instructions. ...The only thing I have is a hard to interpret picture I found online. But I'm smart, I'll guess at it until it makes sense and then hook it all up. ...Which side do the washers go on? What is the correct orientation of the drum brake? No help on this... One thing I noticed already that it looks like only a fool would wire up the brake to the handle bars until the wheel with chain connected to the 4G is is all connected. Not positive about this, but that's what it looks like to me so far.

    So much fun, I love solving these problems. To a point. I get the itch to get the d$#& thing on the road after a while, get tired of the endless hours in the shop monkeying around.

    Anticipated my rear brake cable going to reach the drum brake? If not, there's more $$$ and a new item to add to my HUGE spare parts collection. I'll bet I have 100 pounds of spare parts at this point.