My 4 stroke has half paid for itself.

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  1. Didz

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    Since assembling my 4 stroke kit onto my bike I did some loose calculations and worked out the bike has roughly paid half of itself already.

    All amounts are in Australian dollars.

    I paid $310 for the motor and $210 for the bike.

    I spend about $7-8 on petrol every 2 weeks but has been extended to 3 weeks recently.

    Its been around 13 weeks now (mid dec last year) since I last filled my car which I was paying $30 - $40 a week on.

    Say I paid $30 a week for 13 weeks that's $390. Minus $40 odd bucks for fuel for the bike. I've also spent money on good quality bolts when I assembled it, replacing a clutch ($5), bearing for the gearbox ($7) and decided to get a larger fuel tank ($35).

    Overall spent less than $600 on it and saved about $350 so far just on fuel. The bike currently has done 1,378km (856 miles).


    EDIT: Also last year I was getting petrol at $1.23 per litre now I can see anywhere below 1.34pl. Though it doesn't make much of a difference when I'm only getting 5-6 litres now but for the car it makes a hole in your pocket.
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  2. spad4me

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    Good for you, $1.23 per litre is about $5.00 per gallon ???
    I have car drivers snicker until I fill up They use $40.00 per week I use $2.00 per week. Gas is currenty $4.00 ( and climbing in price every day ) U.S. gallon locally
  3. Didz

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    I found an easy to use converter here

    1 Litre @ $1.10 AUD is $5 per Gallon AUD
    1 Litre @ $1.34 AUD is $6.09 per Gallon AUD

    Having the currency around parity makes things more simple.

    I think the last time we paid $1.10 was about 5 years ago. Our high peak prices this year are hitting $1.44 per litre ($6.55 AUD).

    What are Americans paying per gallon?

    WOW $4 per gallon!!! that's 88 cents here, I WISH we could have it that cheap! I have forgotten how long ago since we had prices like that. It was so long ago when it hit $1 and the service stations didn't have enough numbers or space on their signs to display the price hahaha.

    The government does rob us in tax on our fuel though, why do people keep voting these morons in. At 88c 6 litres would cost me a bit over $5 and to fill the car would be $35 instead of over $50.
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  4. buzbikebklyn1

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    #1-If the weathers nice the bikes WAY more fun.

    #2-Getting that look from car drivers as I carefully measure the the spectro synthetic oil into my .9 gallon hand made gas tank and topping it off with about $3.75 worth of premium, shes getting around 125 mpg at the moment because of the gearing and lets face heavy.

    #3-The GT5R motor purring along at a very leisurely 35 mph, knowing I can blast to 50 mph if need be with the shift kit and its huge 48 tooth chain ring.
    (thanks Pablo)

    #4-The howl of the tuned pipe when I do get on it.

    #5- Not using my '10 Caddy Esclade for short hops to the store at about $100 per tank full.
    (good for around 350 miles if i keep my foot out of it)

    #5- Its a great conversation starter (women dig it!)

    #6- Being asked to built some one a bike just like it.
    (never EXACTLY like mine)

    #7-The silly grin on my face as im being pulled over and showing the cops its papers.
    Yup shes legal. I had to jump through flaming hoops to do it but i did it.

    #8-Not being able to hear my cell phone go off while im riding.

    #9-My wife beside me on her little 4 stroke rack mount, and were chattering away on the walkie talkies.

    #10- The freedom of the open road and knowing I BUILT THIS.

  5. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    Thats why my next personal rides going to be a road bike framed 1000 watt, hub motored electric with a 48v20 ah LiPo battery.
    Can we say CHEAP to operate?
    (I knew that ya could)
    (Or as cheap as possible)
  6. yimmie

    yimmie Member

    awesome. i love the 10 reasons list !! my favorite is # 10

  7. Gas in Australia seems about the same as Canada. Within a few cents anyway.
  8. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    Beautiful ride Dude... post a few more pics of that bad little girl...
    Whats that? a round head 48?
    very cool. Love the pipe wrap.

    "Ill keep building and riding till I DIE"
    Indian Larry,
    One of my dads best friends...
    He gave me my first beer and built my first real motorcycle.
    2001 , At his annual 4th of July, chopper shop Free block party, Williamsburg, Brooklyn N.Y.
    Rest in peace Larry,
    We miss you, I still cant believe you've been gone this long. Keep the beers cold man.
  9. yimmie

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    thanks for comment


    ok so i should have had a pic of frame before i primed it but check it out. got frame for 20 bucks. could barely see original paint. spray can painted the frame to original colors. (lots of sanding) inbetween. the red is pinstipe not paint. then i cleared everything. made all the decals.the goods: springer front-end, chrome headlight, battery operated tail light . also custom fit chrome tail light (which was a turn signal for a 67 harley sportser) located at foot peg which is powered by a 6 volt generator. rear foot pegs, racer # plate, small 25 tooth peddle side sproket. suicide clutch, 40T manic mechanic rear drive sproket, custom exhaust. Nos kit with gauge. 49cc grubee black





  10. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    THAT ROCKS! Cool old schooler.

    I'd have hidden the N02 kit....
    but that's just me...
    Does that use any fuel enrichment with the nitrous? Wont that cause a dangerous lean out condition on the juice?
    I know with my old Nitrosized Kawasaki
    KZ 1000 J 4 valve ex police bike that I had to run an extra fuel solenoid and fuel pump for the N02 system.
    Great paint job!
    Ride it like ya stole it!
    "Inspire dreams, its all we really own"
    My Dad-
  11. Didz

    Didz Member

    Post going a little off topic

    (but if anyone wants to see my MB its in my photo gallery )

    But how is everyone else doing saving money using motored bikes?
  12. RedBaronX

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    this might be horribly vain of me, but I hate that the right side of the 4 strokes look like weed whackers. Left side-- motorcycle. Right side-- whacker. I'm going to be building a worksman with the 2 stroke from my old bike, but when that engine dies, I would like to get something more durable and reliable, which 4 strokes reportedly are. But gosh, what can be done about the plastic red cover (besides the obvious solution of painting it)?
  13. wbuttry

    wbuttry Member

    well i guess you could call it a motor whacker or a weed cycle
  14. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    nah, "weed cycle" sends the wrong message :)

    While my bike is for transportation, not just hobby, I still want it to look a certain way. Not that I am kidding myself that it LOOKS like a modern motorcycle, I definitely want it to not look like a garden tool. Painting the red cover is the easiest step...
  15. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    I agree Baron, the available crop of 4 strokes do all look like garden tools, they especially don't look right in an old style or board tracker type frame, bolted on the left side of a rack mount? yes. In frame? no...
    I have seen several guys trim down, remove or paint the offending cover together with decent results.
    Look at the whizzer engines... they LOOK like they belong in as bike frame BECAUSE they WERE designed to do so... not powering a roto tiller.
    In my opinion, the round head 48 cc 2 stroke china girl engine looks best to me in a cantilevered frame, the square head 66 cc/slant head looks best in a modern geometry mountain or road bike frame.
    Looks count.
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  16. ibdennyak

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    Actually, in my never ending quest to stay out of trouble, I tend to build these things to look first bicycley, and second bicycley garden toolish. Seems fairly successful so far. Don't tell anybody though, but I am in the process of collecting stuff to build a chopper looking bike using the 50cc Lifan horizontal engine. Hopefully it will resemble an old skool chopper when finished.

    If you want to visit, my new address will be Lemon Creek Correction facility.....cell 13A.....99801
  17. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    In addition to modifying the cover, if I end up going the 4 stroke route, I would also like to go with a SBP shift kit... just looking at photos, I think there would be a way to modify the existing cover or create a new cover that would make the right side look more like the left side.

    And then there is the age-old answer of "Well, if you don't like the way it looks, get into a different danged hobby!"

    And by no means am I trying to say "wow, your 4 stroke looks stupid." Some people want no "look" other than "UTILITY!"
  18. Richard H.

    Richard H. Member

    Gotta say I agree with this^......keep'em looking like a bicycle and stay pretty much under the radar, no tags no regs no worries.

    Everyone has an opinion, to each their own. I guess I'm a curmudgeon but for me I've owned too many real motorcycles in my life to want a bicycle to look like one. Just seems, I don't know, a tad sketchy, lol.
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  19. buzbikebklyn1

    buzbikebklyn1 New Member

    I've found that with a little planning and some help from Google maps I've been able to find a shorter route to and from work that's alot less well patrolled.
    My biggest moment of vulnerability comes when I have to cross the east river bridges from Brooklyn into Manhattan, they always have cops on or near the approaches to the bridges.
    The crossing takes me approximately 3 or 4 minutes out of a 25 to 35 minute trip...
    By subway it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to as long as an hour and a half...
    Here's a kicker, I'm told a Taxi cab ride the same distance will cost me almost $30 bucks!(one way!)
    Just for fun, lets just say i took a cab to and from work
    one night a week, that's $60 bucks...
    For that i can buy a quart of good synthetic 2 stroke oil and 3 gallons of premium... that's alot of trips... Ill take my chances.
    I think its foolish of local governments to regulate this so closely, its a waste of time and money and it encourages wasting gas.
    I'm still saving up for the parts to build myself a good high powered electric bike.
    If they cant hear it its less likely to get you busted.
  20. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    I think around here, unless one was riding a very stock looking mountain bike with a bright red 4-stroke, most people are going to assume that a MB is some form of vintage Harley.

    I'm not going for BTR specifically, but I'm happy to tip my hat to the very earliest motorcycles which really just were motorized bicycles.