My "80" CC schwinn center mount

I love this thing, actually got it originally as can't afford a motorcycle right now. But they are so easy to work on, its really a lot of fun.

I have plastic black conduit routing the wiring, which makes it look clean, on the black bike - you probably can't see it.

The perma-tec like gasket worked great on the carb mounting to the engine, solved my cutout at full throttle problem. I used the black "oil resistant" version of whatever brand it was. Thanks to the forum.



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Looks like you'll be having alot of fun on that. With that basket you can even get groceries. Nice job.
So many things you can solve with that basket. Very nice bike.
I like your seat.
I have been thinking about putting a front basket on my little mule to go along with my expandables in back. Looks like it fits fine.
My second (well 3rd, the 2nd is extinct) ride

Dax's rear mount titan on the Kulana MoonDog - here are some pics

The rear mount tire roller (the metal roller) from LiveFastMotors kept wearing out on me, that and the tires.

So I went with Duane's rear mount. Smooth as silk. One thing I did was to flatten a section of the jackshaft were the output sprocket sits, so that the set screw sits on the flat and won't slip - I stripped the first screw installing it.

I like it, but it does not have the power with 44t sprocket, geared as it is, that my centermount with the 44t sprocket does. It goes a little faster, but the clutch slips on the 10 - 15% grade hills we have around here.




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